Element smokeless cooking system brings barbecuing fun indoors


If barbecuing is one of your favorite pastimes, but the urban space issues are creating a problem, you need to check out the Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ designed by Joshua Brassé. Designed to address the rising space problem faced by those living in compact apartments and help you get rid of the winter woes, the Element is an ingenious, compact smokeless cooking system. The Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ makes use of either a gas or electric stove element to heat up lava rocks, thereby bringing in the much-loved BBQ flavor to the food. With the Element, you can enjoy the same excitement and flavor as you might expect from a conventional BBQ grill.

To improve your barbecuing experience, the Element comes equipped with an adjustable grill height and removable handle, which helps you have the full control over your cooking. Cleaning is as easy as you can think, as there is a separate section for removing grease. For the urban dwellers who miss the ultimate fun of outdoor BBQ, the Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ is a great option to enjoy the same within the comforts of the kitchen.

Anyway, the Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ has not gone into production for now. Once they have got good enough pre-orders, they will put the Element into production. Priced at $225, you can book one for yourself by paying transferable $5 in advance.

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