Cool and creative artworks inspired by Origami


Origami is a beautiful, ancient Japanese art and craft technique of folding paper into decorative shapes. Origami patterns, techniques, textures and concepts have become a centre of attraction for recyclers, artists, homemakers, fashion designers and even researchers. These patterns are making their presence felt in every possible art field. Here are a few origami-inspired items that are beautiful, innovative and useful.

Flower Table

Famous Japanese designer Shige Hasegawa designs this unique Hanna (flower in Japanese) table. Displayed in the Salone Satellite event, it draws inspiration an origami flower design. The table has five petal shaped legs. These legs are made of plywood and all the petals can easily hold a glass top without any extra screw needed.

Flat folded shoe

This again, is an origami-inspired product, where suitable material, with the help of proper folding can be made into a pair of flat heel shoe. The design is beautiful enough to catch anyone’s attention. It can also prove to be a revolutionary step in the technique of shoe making.

Foldable basket

Designed by Takashi Houjo, these cute looking little baskets are made using the felt material. Though they may look delicate, they are very useful. These baskets are strong enough and can be utilized for a variety of purposes such as storing kids’ toys, paper magazines and other such things. The smiley made on the handle of the basket makes it even more attractive for children. On spreading it, it becomes a double folded sheet.

Floor Mat

This unique model, also known as the Land Peel design, is also inspired by origami. Designed by a Japanese student, Shin Yamashita, this normal floor mat can be made to serve a number of purposes, if you fold it smartly. It can be converted easily into a coffee table, chairs or workstations by lifting and folding the panels. It is strong enough to be carried from one place to another, when not in use. It is perfect for sleeping, reading, sitting and as a lounge floor mat.       


Here are some delicate looking pieces of art inspired by origami that can serve a variety of purposes, from decoration to relaxation and from trendy fashion to workstation. They are also eco friendly as the material can be recycled. Using these products will surely give you a totally new and joyful experience.

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