Cut Glue Table combines form and function for modern living spaces

Most of the furniture pieces made using laminate plywood look identical, which often mars the contemporary interiors with their standard, flat design. Giving a twist to the laminate plywood furniture, designer Scot Bailey has come up with a creative table that is not only functional but also flaunts an exclusive design to enhance the decor modern living spaces. Hailed as “Cut Glue Table,” the furniture piece, as suggested by the name, glues the small pieces of laminate plywood together, which are sanded to pull off a smooth, curvy design.

The Cut Glue Table not only presents an inimitable design but also doubles up as a functional storage. For the living room table pulls the layers apart, at one end, to store your magazines or remotes, while the other end forms a bowl to accommodate virtually everything, elegantly. Combining form and function together, the artistic table is sure to live up to the decor of even the trendiest interiors.

Via: Scot Bailey

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