Easy items you could DIY using wood

It is always fun to bring your creativity to play and spare out some time to make crafts, which can enhance the aesthetic quotient of your home décor. Here is a list that shows some of the easiest yet fun to make crafts that you can make with wood pieces.

Wood pallet bench_1

Wood pallet bench

This project is a good example of a trash to design DIY project. Find some wood pallets lying waste in your store or buy them from a junk dealer at low prices. Join pallets in a nice bench shape and choose a color or polish to stain it. The place you choose to put the pallet bench in will definitely influence your color choice.

DIY Pallet Shelves _2

Pallet Shelves

Pallets are easy to get, are cheap, and you can make numerous designs out of them. One such design is the pallet shelf that can be a cool addition to any home décor. Not just this, they are quite easy and fun to make, as all you need is some pallets, nails, and a color or wood polish you want your pallet shelf to look like.

Pallet picture frame

Rustic photo frames

You can make fancy wooden photo frames all by yourself. Look for some waste wooden pieces in the store or buy some new wood pieces and cut them to form the shape you want your rustic wooden frame to look like. To make it more fancy, color the wood, stick sparkle to it, or you can add ribbons that look lovely on photograph frames.

Pallet coffee table

Rustic coffee table

Just some flat pieces of wood of varying shades can make a classic coffee table. Put on your creative gloves and think of some unique designs to stick the pieces together with glue and nails. The more complex design you give it, the better it looks. In the end, attach four wooden legs, which again you are free to design. This rustic table looks like a million dollar thing, but you only know it just took your little time and efforts.

Pallet photo frames_1

Wooden picture frame

A person who is in love with the rustic feel happens to love anything and everything that gives a rustic feel. Such people can make photo frames that have a vintage look. Take a plastic frame and glue symmetrical pieces of wood on it, and a rustic photo frame is all set to adorn your home.


When it comes to make crafts from wood, people have a wide assortment of crafts to make that are easy and fun to make, and add a vintage look to any home décor.

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