All you need is water to keep the Elio refrigerator running

Since its inception, refrigerator has progressed technologically over the years and designers from around the world are conceptualizing one-of-a-kind units that are sure to put your standard refrigerator to shame. The Elio is an innovative refrigerator concept that keeps your products fresh and healthy, thanks to high humidity and a constant temperature of about 10°C. The best thing is that you don’t need any electricity to run the Elio. Instead, all you need is water to keep your veggies, fruits and drinks fresh and chilled for weeks. You can simply connect the water hose to a water source. The innovative system also helps in oxygenation of fruits and vegetables to preserve their vitamins and flavors for a long time.

The Elio draws inspiration from two traditional methods of cooling. The first is badgir, a traditional architectural element that creates natural ventilation. It helps maintain a constant temperature of 14-16°C inside throughout the year. The other technique is the cooling pot-in-pot, which involves two clay pots filled with sand and water that helps lower the temperature in the inner pot to 8°C. An optimal shape has been given to Elio in order to allow a functional air and water circulation.

Recyclable materials were chosen to create the final product.  While the surface of Elio refrigerator is made from aluminum and glass, the insulation and sealing has been done with fiber hemp and cork.

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