Essential things every guest room needs

Essential things every guest room needs

As the holiday season approaches, for many of us it means holiday visitors from out of town and many of us invite guests to stay at your place. Whatever the case may be, you always want your guests to feel at home.  Hosting guests calls for keeping the guest room organized so that your guests feel at home. Along with arranging the room,  there are a few essential items that will pamper your guests and  keep them coming back for more. Here is a list of those essentials that make a guest room cozy and comfortable.

  • Add luxurious bedding

Accentuate the bed by spreading a clean, soft and also beautiful bed sheet. Also add overstuffed pillows and comforters to make your guests have a good night’s sleep. Make sure the bedding that you choose for your guests are non-allergic.

  • Keep your guests entertained

As your guests are away from their homes, it might be difficult for them to adjust in a different environment. They may not easily fall asleep in a different place. It is therefore a must to provide  some source of entertainment for them. These may include a television and dvd player stocked with a variety of movies or a music player with different music CDs. You can also keep a magazine or book holder stuffed with new magazines, good books or even photo albums that have  pictures of you and your guests.

  • Keep a provision of snacks

Make sure that you provide snacks and munchies for your guests in their room. You can leave a package of cookies and fresh fruit basket for them to eat, if they feel hungry at midnight. Also make sure you leave a few bottles of water in their room. You can also keep a coffee maker in their rooms to let them enjoy a cup of coffee at any time of their stay.

  • Provide illumination facilities

It is always better to provide bedside lamps in your guest rooms. You can also install dimmers and provide soft light for reading. Also keep a few candles and match sticks or an emergency flashlight that can be used during power cuts.

  • Keep necessary bath supplies

Do not forget to keep necessary bathing products at a convenient spot for your guests.keeping a bath kit in their bathrooms is also appropriate or you can also stuff a basket with basic bathroom supplies that include a bath towel, a hand towel, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, and washing liquid.

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