Five Factors To Consider For Your Perfect House Plan

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A lot of people want to own their own homes and feel more independent. Owning a house has been a long-time notion in a lot of cultures, with a lot of people adding it to the list of their financial bucket list. Owning a house is one of the most satisfying achievements, especially if you’ve been renting for a lot of years. It is also one of the necessities if you’re planning to build your own family in the future.

When it comes to a perfect home, a lot of people want to customize all the things they can customize. Building a custom house plan has been very popular these days because of the reason that not all families have the same needs. Pre-made house plans are still preferred because these designs are proven and tested and follow the state codes in house design.

Fortunately, there are house plan companies who offer customization in house designs without straying too far from the state codes and laws. Companies like Monster House Plans allow users to choose the important factors in building a house (click here for an example of Craftsman house plans they offer). In choosing your own house plan, here are the factors that you need to consider in order to avoid any hassle and overspending.

The Five Factors To Consider In Choosing Your House Plan

1. Size Of The Family

family size The size of a family greatly affects the need for rooms and facilities needed in order to accompany each member’s needs. It directly affects how many bedrooms are needed for the parents and the kids. This factor also determines how many bathrooms will be built and how wide will the common places be.

If you found a design that qualifies in your house requirement, make sure to see all the preview of the plan in order to properly visualize the final product. If the house plan provider has a full 3D modeling preview available, take advantage of this feature and make sure to take a lot of details possible.

2. Land Size

A house plan will never be a success if the proper land size to accommodate it is not available. If the land you own is not spacey, you should consider planning on building a house that utilizes space, like building more floors. You should adjust your plan if your land size is not enough. Or if you have the right funds, pick another piece of land that will serve your house plan’s purpose. Because of this, the more home plan you check, the better it would be, as it gives you more options.

3. Your Housing Budget


This is where most of the problem lies, how much are you willing to spare to build your perfect house? The cost is a big determinant when it comes to the size of the house and its features. If your budget is not enough to accommodate all the features you want in your house, you don’t have another choice but to revise your home plan. It is recommended that you get more budget more than you expect to avoid any hassle for unexpected expenses.

When building your budget, you must consider six major expenses that you would encounter in your house project. First is the land price, which is one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive item on the list. Usually, it is preferred to get this ready before planning to build a house because the transaction processes could slow. Next, are the taxes, loan settlement costs, site cost (including materials and labor cost), planning fees, and finishing cost, which should be around 15% to 25% of the budget.

4. Get Your HVAC System Right

A poorly planned HVAC system will give more problems than benefit in the long run. You don’t want to make new adjustments every few months in order to keep your house livable due to HVAC problems. This will also affect your energy consumption and more. It is recommended to pay attention to the details of your HVAC system.

5. Pick The Right House Plan Provider And Builder


And last but not least, pay attention to your house plan provider and the builder. Check their reputation and get feedback from people who employed their services before. Your house plan provider should have a great track record of giving quality designs while your builder must be known for the quality of the structures built by them.

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