Five incredible concepts for futuristic homes


With the passage of time, everything changes right from architecture, materials and design, and even the material one uses for building will improve as well. The designs keep changing to cater to the current trends, functionality and tastes of the present generation. The same applies to home concepts. These days, there are ample futuristic home concepts that provide a possible glimpse on how and where individuals may be living in the years to come. Here are five incredible home designing concepts for the future:

Eco cleaner:

Keep bulky dishwashers at bay with Eco Cleaner. This handy tool ionizes waste food remaining on dirty dishes for composting for plants. The eco cleaner uses solar energy thereby enabling one to carry it along to places or camping trips where there is absence of power source.

Zesto drink warmer:

Chilly day’s calls for consumption of hot beverages and what can be better than keeping beverages warm than using Zesto drink warmer. Manufactured from rubber ring and a ceramic base that is filled with fluids, this drink warmer is so handy that it needs users in docking their cups or mugs into the holder.

Mesh Cooker:

This tiny device is just apt for people who lack space in their kitchen. Manufactured from retractable aluminium and expandable Teflon, this cooker can both contract as well as expand for accommodating food, which requires to be heated. One just needs to plug it to a power socket when needed and once done can fold it easily and store away.

Particulate Food Fridge:

Storing food was never this easy. The mini particulate food fridge comes with compartments for storing several food items as per categories. This is a handy and smart device for modern or futuristic homes.

Wall-mounted air purification:

A wall-mounted air purification that utilizes modular live grass sections and aids in filtering the air that comes into one’s home. These sections also function as insulation, which is just apt for tropical dwellings that require temperature control for keeping the unwanted excess heat out.


Geo-political shifts, population growth and climate change has revolutionized the way one looks at future residential spaces. The future is likely to bring about new changes more frequently. Here are some designs for futuristic home that will surely add a unique touch that people have been craving for long.

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