FURM by Peveto: Stylish furniture made from repurposed shipping crates

Trash is becoming trendy nowadays, and designers and furniture makers are constantly trying to make good use of reclaimed materials to create beautiful furniture units for modern green homes. The FURM furniture collection by Peveto, a fine art resource management company, uses repurposed shipping crates to create eye-catching, functional furniture for your home. By using shipping crates, Peveto has designed beautiful bookshelves, filing cabinets, coffee table, side table, chair and a stylish bar cart.

The FURM furniture line was born as a shared vision to think of new and unique ways to carry out fine art business. Peveto owner Scott Peveto says…

When we noticed a glut of used crates being thrown away and clients with used crates cluttering their homes, we thought that was the perfect resource to innovate, and we ended up with hip recycled furniture.

For the FURM furniture, designer Felipe Contreras and Scott Peveto have used most of the materials from the original crate only. The project aimed at using as little materials from outside as possible, which include a couple of pine feet to give tabletops the required heights.

While the coffee table with single-sided shelving sells for $1,350, the one with double-sided shelving costs $1,600. The side table, club chair, bar cart and the filing cabinet are priced at $975, $1,575, $1,575 and $1,075 respecively. Production time for the FURM furniture pieces is 4-6 weeks.

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