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Children are magnificent creatures. They’re known for their free spiritedness as well as the relentless energy that they possess. It’s well-documented how children like to wander all around their house as well as outside the house if possible. However, as the old saying goes, it’s all fun and games until someone gets seriously hurt. And as painful as it might be, it’ always the children that get hurt in cases like these.

A lot of parents simply assume that the safest place for their children is around the house but there are stats and facts that prove that that might not be the case after all. For example, every hour a child has be hospitalized because of television tripping over them. This is where the role of the parents comes into deeper scrutiny. A lot of parents simply assume that having their kids indoor means that they’ve done enough to keep their kids safe. However, the leading cause of child injuries in the past few years has been furniture. Yes, you read that right, furniture. This was confirmed by a recent survey carried out by Lauters.

So, how exactly can furniture hurt children? Well, every 45 minutes a child has to be admitted to the ER because of a TV tripping on them or every 2 weeks, a child dies because of a furniture tip over. There are multiple reasons why the furniture might tip as well as other interesting facts about the dangers of furniture around the house.

Go through the below infographic for more details and facts about children and the furniture threat to them:

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