Give your spices a fun ride on Ferris wheel inside your kitchen

Even the smallest of things can make a notable difference. If you are bored of the regular method of storing spices in shelf containers or drawers and need a stylish and fun solution, take a look at the Ferris spice rack from the house of Kitchen Pro. Designed in the shape of a Ferris wheel by Sanders in the UK, the fun spice rack lets you find and use your herbs and spices quickly while you are busy cooking some delicacy. It moves like a Ferris wheel and you simply need to spin the spice rack to find the jar of spice you need.

Moreover, the Ferris spice rack comes with 15 pre-filled spice jars to make the things even better for the home chefs. Available in plastic or hand-finished bamboo frame, the Ferris wheel spice rack can be ordered with the choice of two spice packages.

Via: Gizmodo

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