Have wood floors work their magic in your house

 Wooden Log Floors

A wooden floor can beautify a room in your house as well as make it cozy. The charm of the wooden floors has existed from centuries and is still alive. Although, it requires a bit more maintenance than the floorings of other material, these make us feel closer to nature.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo wood is been used to make planks of the pre-finished solid bamboo flooring. Inspired from nature this flooring is beautiful and the patterns on them are just awesome.To ascertain the highest quality standards the bamboo floorings are tested by various procedures.

The planks have a tongue and groove arrangement forattaching the planks together on the floor.The compressive strength of bamboois more than that of wood and even concrete, it is perfect for flooring.Maintenance is lesser when compared to the other types of wooden flooring.

The Amazing Marble Wood Flooring

Colorful nature inspired patterns on wood are put together by PernilleSnedker Hansenof the Snedker Studio to form this amazing flooring. The Danish artist Pernille uses a unique marbleizing technique to create marble wood.Imitating the growth ring patterns ofnatural wood,she creates the designs on the water surface.

The wooden planks are handmade and created one at a time to give them each a unique pattern. You have the option to choose from a variety of patterns for different rooms in your home. It appears that each pattern wants to say its story.The marble wood flooring is one of a kind and getting them laid at your home will impress and amaze your guests.

Wooden Log Floors

Wood block flooring, better known as End grain wood flooring is a non-conventional wooden flooring choice.The patterns on the floor have a pretty- impressive visual appealand are very different from the common wooden flooring.These long lasting, durable, elegant wooden flooring has been a popular choice of flooring in huge old mansions. The ends of a wooden logare cut and combined together to form flooring. The strength of the log ends is such that these floorings were used to pave the streets in earlier days. The log ends can be painted or polished and can be laid as tiles using adhesives.This type of flooring requires a bit more of maintenance, keeping mind the other options available.

Creative Rough Wood Floor Tiles by Bleu Nature

The pioneer of driftwood designer material, The Bleu Nature has unique ideas for wooden flooring and wall tiles. Since 1995, Frank Lefebvre the founder of Bleu Nature has been fascinated by driftwood and the potential it has to convert into a variety of items including furniture and lightings. Driftwood endings are chopped and attached to the floor to form splendid wooden floorings. The gaps in between the small wooden tiles are filled by wood dust,giving the entire room a cozy appearance.

Engineered Wood Floor

Made from High Density Fiberboard the engineered wood floor planks look the same as the natural wood ones. A massive variety of wood patterns and shades are available in this type of flooring. A real hard wood veneer is pasted on the high-densityfiberboard, which is in turnmade from compressed real wood fibers.These types of floors have a comparatively lesser maintenance than the floors, which are completely of wood.

You can choose from a huge variety of wooden floorings available in the market. A highly creative and innovative designin the wood floor can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and give it a warm touch.

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