Decorative Alternatives for a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Scented Candles

What would be a better way to know fall is coming than Starbucks signature Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Sadly, though, not many of us are fond of the aftertaste of the drink. So what else would be a better way to signal the coming of fall? Here are some decorative alternatives that would do the trick and save you the trouble of having to drown a pumpkin spice latte or worse, serving it to your family and friends.

Pumpkin Scented Candles

You do not necessarily have to eat them. If you do not prefer them in your diet, you can always opt to bask in its decadent aroma. Come fall and you will find plenty of pumpkin scented candles and lights doing the rounds. Get some of these scented candles to signify the arrival of fall in your home.

Woodland Creatures

While many woodland creatures do not show their heads around in summer, you are bound to see a lot of them in fall. Why not adopt these occurrences as your fall theme and opt to have these little woodland creatures pose on the plates, kitchen tools, pillows, blankets or upholstery? Quite a nice way to tell fall has arrived we think.


If you are averse to having pumpkins in the house, try opting for their cousins, the red headed gourds instead. These members of the quintessential cucurbitaceous family definitely make for interesting centerpieces on dining tables and mantles.


There are a gazillion ways in which you can use plaid around the house to indicate that autumn has arrived. Some of the most noteworthy mentions include using them in rugs, chairs, drapery fabric, bedding, pillows and even wall coverings. You can either choose a handful of colors and patterns for a traditional look or just one or two colors with oversized prints for a modernistic appeal. Either way, the introduction of plaid in your home décor would definitely indicate that fall has arrived.


Autumn leaves are beautiful to look at. You can make the most use of these leaves in creative arrangements in vases placed on tables or mantles. With it, you would be brining in the colors of the world into your home in a rather daring and innovative manner.


Pinecones offer extremely creative ways to decorate your house in fall. You can use them as holders for place cards or photos, or string them together to form a beautiful wreath. They also exude a sense of warmth by just sitting in appropriate places in your home. If you are looking for a more glamorous approach to these pinecones, opt to have them gilded.

Cut Wood

If you have a fireplace, then here is one simple way you can denote the arrival of fall in style. Simply store some chopped wood in an exquisite basket underneath a table in the room. The sight of the cut wood alone would remind everyone that autumn is just around the corner.


While you may not prefer burlap (essentially the fabric for potato sacks) for most of the year, you would be scrambling for this fabric by autumn. Using burlap as the preferred choice linen for placemats, napkins, rugs, drapes or even curtain tiebacks can exude a sense of warmth that every bit denotes the arrival of fall in style.

Knit Throws

We may be stocking up on our fall sweaters as autumn starts. However, how do we go about telling everybody the same? Well, we go ahead and give our sofas the sweater treatment as well. Draping a warm, woolen blanket over your sofa would definitely give off the message of the arrival of fall to anyone who visits your home. Better yet, it gives you a comfortable zone to kick back and relax after a tiring day.


You can denote the arrival of fall in many different ways. These pointers offer simple and subtle décor ideas that could let you achieve the same in a warm, friendly and welcoming manner.

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