Helix chair creates the perfect setting for meditation

Meditation and yoga are one of the most popular modern ways to counteract the effects of stress and help bring lasting health benefits. If you meditate or do yoga on a daily basis, you know how important the surrounding environment is for keeping intact your focus. The Helix chair by Irina Shukhman has been designed to create a sound material environment for meditation and yoga, other than the regular use as a seating unit. The shape “helix” symbolizes time, a course of life and self-cognition in Buddhism. The Helix chair is crafted from plywood and it has different colored layers. The veneer sheets are first glued together and twisted. After this, the shape of the seat and the bottom is cut out in a circular manner. The angle of inclination of the cutting axis imparts a comfortable and ergonomic shape to the seat.

The band bear the famous Buddha quote “All that we are is created by our thoughts” in eight different languages, including English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. The square shape of the Helix chair makes it a perfect fit for any interior and outdoor settings.

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