High tech Purity lounger by Jordi Hans Design connects you with nature

The Purity lounger by Jordi Hans Casadesus has been designed to transfer you into a world of deep relaxation and at the same time, connect you with Mother Nature. The Purity lounger with umbrella creates a virtual natural environment, which allows the user to view nature videos, hear nature sounds and smell fresh fruits and plants. To keep you entertained while you relax, Purity lounger features three built-in speakers, a beverage holder, soft LED lights, wind blower for refreshing breeze, LED screen with USB support, air freshener with three types of natural scents and a touch remote control for easy access to all functions.

Made with aluminum, magnesium and MDF wood, Purity capsule features a translucent white color Plexiglas housing and comes covered with natural textile to imitate grass. The electro massage hammock offers a range of massages and comes complete with two different natural textile pillowcases. There is also the possibility of attaching solar panels to generate energy. The idea behind the project was to propose a new concept in relaxing furniture for people affected by the stress of modern city life.

Via: Jordi Hans Design

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