Ideas for that perfect rooftop garden you always wanted

 Standard roof designs

Most of us would love to have a garden in our homes. However, space constraints can force us to limit our desires to just a few indoor pots and plants. Not to worry though, for if you can’t have a garden in front of your home, how about having a garden on top of your home? Roof gardens are becoming a rage of sorts with many residences and commercial establishments. Here are 9 innovative ways in which you can design your rooftop garden in the most elegant manner.

Standard roof designs

The standard roof garden design is a simple garden that you can grow on the roof of your home. You can use more versatile hard-scaping options like a cedar patio to add more creativeness to your garden. Throw in a couple of chairs, a small table and even a swing to create the perfect setting for evening get togethers and weekend parties.

Rooftop garden dining

Dining amidst peaceful, green surroundings is an exciting experience in itself. You can design your rooftop garden in such a way that you can enjoy your meals there surrounded by the sweet smells of the plants. Opt for wooden furniture as well as classic spot lighting to create the perfect ambiance for the same.

Rooftop garden pool

This is a great idea provided you have a large, strong and stable roof to support the pool. Call in a professional to evaluate your options. Select appropriate drainage options as well as the necessary pool requirements in order to create a rooftop garden pool that would be the perfect hangout spot for those dry, arid summers.

Edible rooftop garden

Growing your own rooftop organic garden has manifold benefits. For starters, it helps you create an edible garden that offers you all the fruits and vegetables you would need for the household. It would also help you kick start your ‘Go-Green’ goals. Furthermore, it would help you start a profitable business wherein you can sell these fruits and vegetables in the local markets for lucrative prices.

Rooftop garden filled with lights

Ever pictured an absolutely romantic setting to enjoy your anniversary with your loved one? Well you can create on yourself with the help of your rooftop garden. The key to this is proper lighting that would help enhance the views of several ornamental plants in your garden. Soft lighting at regular intervals can also contribute to the romantic setting as you relax with your better half under the open sky.

Rooftop garden sculptures

Another way to make a rooftop garden is to opt for ornamental sculptures that can be placed at strategic intervals to create various focal points of interest. When utilized properly, these antique sculptures can make your garden look absolutely stunning.

Rooftop garden cinema

How about converting your rooftop garden into an open theater cinema hall for those weekends when the entire family gathers under one roof. A little bit of creativity in arranging the sound and lighting systems can offer you great movie theater experience on your rooftop garden that your friends would absolutely love.

Rooftop garden disco

Another innovative rooftop garden design involves transforming the same into an open-air discotheque complete with a music and sound system, along with appropriate lighting. While you can host parties on the garden in the weekends, you can choose to unwind and listen to your favorite tracks after a hard day’s work.

Rooftop garden game arena

If you are the avid gamer, you can consider transforming your rooftop garden into an entertaining gaming zone. Throw in a couple of comfortable chairs and you can have the time of your life battling it out with your friends in the virtual world.


If you have a roof large enough to set up a garden in, consider opting for these really innovative rooftop garden design ideas to create a one of a kind rooftop garden that would make jaws drop.

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