Living Table packs all essential to perk up your home

Center table is an essential piece of furniture in any home that brings all the family members together in the living area. Adding life to the wooden piece of furniture, designer Lisa Tischer has come up with a vigorous table that unfurls unlimited possibilities to the each member of the family. Dubbed as “Living Table,” the standalone furniture unit becomes a meeting place for elders and a workstation for working family members.

Lying in the middle of your living area, the utility furniture spreads out a number of ingenious details to grab the attention. Apart from dining the entire family in the living area, the Living Table is just ideal for a home office, as it comes built-in with a pleasant ambient or task lamp to support the extended work schedules.

Incorporating a number of electrical outlets to power your gadgets such as laptop and cellphone, together with home appliances like mixer, juicer and sewing machine, the multifunctional furniture includes a number of drawers to store all the workspace or household clutter. With Living Table, now you can not only enjoy lunch (or dinner for that matter) with loved ones, but can hold small meetings or conference with business associates as well.

Source: Industrial Design


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