Mastering the Art of Downsizing During a Move

Downsizing During a Move

Making a move means packing up all of your worldly possessions. Most people don’t realize how much extra stuff they have until the process is underway. About halfway through, you’ll be wishing that you had less to pack. Downsizing can help make your move a lot easier and more affordable. Less stuff means you won’t have to buy as many packing boxes; a smaller, less expensive moving truck can be used and fewer things have to be hauled. Getting rid of all the excess can also be a liberating experience for some people once the weight of all the extra stuff is lifted.

That’s the reason, maybe, when moving household goods, experts like the people at Allied Movers will often suggest that you downsize first. Here are a few pro mover tips that make downsizing during a move easier and more efficient:

Leave Unnecessary Stuff Before You Begin Packing

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Downsizing is a necessity when you’re moving into a smaller home, but many people forget to take the time to purge before packing. Going through all of your stuff and getting rid of the things you no longer want or need can drastically reduce the workload of a move.

As you downsize, separate your unwanted stuff into four groups:

  1. Give Away – Items you think friends or family members may want.
  2. Donate – Low-ticket, gently used items.
  3. Sale – High-priced items that are in-demand.
  4. Trash – Anything that’s broken or unusable.

One thing to keep in mind as you go through your belongings is where you’re moving if you’re relocating. Is the weather the same? Will you be able to enjoy the same outdoor activities? Will items fit in your new home? Purging during a move means considering your future, not current, needs.

The purge process can feel overwhelming at first. Take it room-by-room or start with a closet. Ideally, you’ll have at least a few weeks to purge before you pack.

Questions to Ask Yourself as You Downsize

Making the decision to get rid of a belonging can be difficult. Here are a few questions to yourself if you’re unsure which group to put an item in:

  1. When did I use this last?
  2. What purpose does this item serve?
  3. Does something else serve the same purpose as this item?
  4. Do I love this item? What sentimental value does it have?
  5. Is this item irreplaceable?
  6. Can I do without it?
  7. Would I need to replace it if it were gone?
  8. Is it in good condition? How much longer will it last?
  9. Does the item need to be repaired? How much will the repair cost?
  10. Does it fit my current lifestyle/home location?
  11. Can someone else benefit from this item a lot more than me?

Get the Help of a Sensible Friend

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Downsizing can be a difficult process. Letting go of the things you’ve been holding on to may prove to be a challenge for a number of reasons. People are emotionally attached to their items. Others think there’s always a possibility they may need something one day, so they keep it.

That’s when a second opinion can comes in handy. A logical, levelheaded friend can keep you focused on the purpose of downsizing. Find someone who is willing to come help you get rid of items that you’re uncertain about.

Have a Pre-Packing Picking Party

Once you have gone through all of your items, invite friends to come over for a pre-packing picking party. Let your friends have the first pick at the items you put in the “give away” pile. If there’s something you want to give to a specific person, do so before the party so someone else doesn’t accidentally pick it up.

Items that aren’t picked up by your friends can be moved to the “donate” group.

Find a Donation Center That Will Pick Up

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Some people decide to hang on to large items simply because they don’t have the means to haul them away. Instead, they wait until the next time they need to hire movers and move it with everything else to the new home.

If only they knew, some donation centers will actually come by to pick up those bulky items. In many cities, The Salvation Army will bring a moving truck and pick up the entire donation so you don’t have to do a thing except box up loose items.

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