Milan Bender makes one-of-a-kind lamps using vintage cameras

Milan Bender Camera Lamp Series

For artist Milan Bender who lives in Little Forest Hills in Dallas, Texas, life means art and he seeks inspiration in almost everything around him. Milan considers his art “Modern Recycling” that comprises of 80-90 percent recycled found objects. One of his amazing works is the Camera Lamp Series, a collection of unique lighting fixtures made with vintage cameras, such as the Argus 75 camers, Kodak Instamatic cameras, Ansco Number 4 bellows camera, Agfa bellows camera and the Ansco B2 Speedex camera.

These camera lamps make for a great present for any photography enthusiast. Milan Bender has transformed what would have been the dust collectors on the shelf into functional pieces of art and camera history. Hit the jump to see some of the highlights from Milan Bender’s Camera Lamp Series.

Thanks, Milan Bender

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