Modern Supplies to keep Your Furry Friend interested

 Cat Teepee

If your furry friend means a lot to you then you might just check out the latest in pet gear and decor that would give your pet a perfect life! Here are some amazing products that will give your pet the extra bit of comfort that you choose to give them:

Decor for Cats

Fashionable Cat Perch Tower: If you want to buy a cool wall mounted cat perch, which looks more like a work of modern art, then the Modular Cat House from Catissa with the various colourful compartments can be the perfect place for your felines to unwind and play!

Cat Teepee: If you want to add a dash of quirkiness to your cathouse, opt for the cat tepee, which has removable inserts that you can place with Velcro, making it easy to replace and clean.

Modern cat tree: This modern design has been designed by Leo Kempf for his pet cat Olive and features a front made out of Plexiglass, a sheepskin rug, a cardboard scratching porch along with some paintings on the inside. This one is a dream house for cats!

Decor for Dog

Donut Dog Bed: This cute hot pink Donut Bolster Dog Bed designed by Bone & Rag is the ideal bed for your furry canine friend and comes with an extra cover. The best part about this bed is its shape and vibrant shade of pink!

Designer Dog Bed: Give your canine some luxury and let him snuggle inside the designer Luxury Dog Snuggle Bed from Charley Chau that is designed like an envelope and has soft fleece inside to give your dog a comfortable sleep. The design is very contemporary as it features a fabric on top with modern weave.

Hammock for your Dog: You can choose to buy the Bambu Hammock 1 from Pet Lounge Studios, which will actually be quite the decor for your doggie. This hammock takes dog beds to a different level altogether with its simplistic yet impactful design. The hammock is made out of renewable bamboo.

Modern pet diner: Now this one is a very classy piece, as it would complement your modern pet decor. Placing two steel bowls inside a wooden cover is the ideal way of serving your pet!

Cubix doghouse: If you can go to any length to pamper you pet, then do get a very modern looking dog kennel in the shape of the Cubix Dog House. This is an amazing house with windows and a door, which will give kennel a different meaning altogether.


Change the decor and supplies for your pets this summer and pamper them with modern decor which and soak in the holiday spirit. These decor pieces will not only provide luxurious comfort to your furry friends but it will also enhance the interiors and exteriors of the home too!

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