Most amazing indoor planters for urban apartments

If you live in an urban apartment setting, chances are you do not have too much of space. Since living space has always been a premium, it’s of utmost importance that the urban dwellers choose the furnishings intelligently to make the most of the available space. If you love indoor gardening, but don’t have enough space for all their favorite plants, you need not fret. There is a range of stylish yet highly functional indoor planter designs, which not only let you grow fresh herbs and veggies all year round, but also save your floor and shelf space. Hit the jump to see some of the most elegant indoor planters for urban apartments.

  • Boskke Sky Planters

The innovative Sky Planters by designer Patrick Morris turn indoor gardening upside down. Perfect for gardening lovers living in small spaces, the Sky Planter features an internal reservoir system that feeds water straight to the roots without the worry of any leaks or evaporation. With the Sky Planters, you can grow fresh herbs and other plants almost anywhere inside your home.

  • Urbio Vertical Garden

It’s like a big task for urban dwellers with limited space to bring greenery indoors. However, that’s not more a problem with the Urbio, a magically magnetic urban vertical garden. Each Urbio Each pot is made of eco plastic and features large neodymium magnets that can hold almost anything to the wall. The wall plates are modular and you can easily mount them to any wall. The different sized containers let you create a personalized wall garden without wasting your precious floor space.

  • Vicky pendant lamp-cum-planter

Designed by Netherlands-based designer José de la O as a limited production design piece, the Vicky is a hanging terrarium lamp that helps plants grow in its base with its special light that offers an increased radiation on the blue spectrum. If you don’t have a garden, but wish to grow small vegetable plants or herbs, Vicky pendant lamp-cum-planter seems a great option for urban apartments.

  • Auxano Hydroponic Vegetable and Herb Grower

Targeted straight at the city dwellers who wish to grow their own produce without taking too much of their valuable space, the window mounted Auxano Hydroponic Vegetable and Herb Grower by Philip Houiellebecq works on hydroponics technology. The planter needs no soil or electricity and uses the most common natural resource – the sunlight. Complete with its oxygenating pump system, the Auxano lets homeowners grow all types of vegetables and herbs. Moreover, it can be hung horizontally or vertically to create your own mini gardens inside the walls.

  • Woolly Pocket’s Living Wall Planter

Here is yet another neat option for the city dwellers to exercise their green thumb. Lately Wooly Pocket has given a new makeover to its original soft-sided containers for vertical gardening. The Woolly Pocket’s new living wall planter enjoys a vented-shell design and comes complete with a self-watering tank. Easy to hang, the modular Wooly Pockets are designed to make planting easier.

  • Lightpot by Studio Shulab

Great for small spaces, the Lightpot by Studio Shulab combines a lamp and a planter into one minimalist unit. The Lightpot features a telescoping LED light, which helps herbs and plants grow healthy regardless of the lighting conditions in a room.

  • Aquaponics Garden

For those who love indoor gardening and fish equally, the Aquaponics Garden combines a stylish tabletop fish tank that cleans itself and a planter into one unit. The closed-loop ecosystem lets you grow a variety of fresh produce organically, without the need for any extra fertilizers. The wastewater from the fish, which is broken down by bacteria into nutrients, works as an organic fertilizer for the plants.

  • Fogger by VAKANTdesign

The Fogger by VAKANTdesign is a vertical planting unit that lets you grow fresh produce throughout the year. Users just have to put the pre-germinated seedlings into the pillar, fill the tank with water, add organic fertilizer and connect the planter to the power source. The best part is that while Fogger takes just 0.3 sq m of your valuable space, the productivity is same as of a 3 sq m of regular area.

  • Willow by Nola

Designed by Louise Hederström, the multi-purpose Willow planter features an opening on the top and the plants containers come out from the planter like tree branches. A variant of the Willow comes with a wooden disc to cover the top, which doubles as a seating unit. The Willow planter by Nola lets city dwellers grow various types of plants in one planter.

  • Greenbook library

Perfect for a bibliophile living in a compact apartment, the Greenbook library by Nautinox Living combines a planter/trellis and bookshelf in one stylish unit. The brick structure of the shelving unit functions as a white glazed stainless steel pot or cachepot for your evergreen indoor plants. The removable shelves can be used to place and showcase your books and other stuff.

  • NONdesigns TOPO Table

The TOPO table from the house of NONdesigns has a Corian surface with plastic inserts that make for uneven miniature landscapes that can be placed either face-up or down. These inserts can be filled with soil and plants. The TOPO table is completely customizable, so that the users can decide on the number of TOPO bits they need on their table.

  • Live Screen by Danielle Trofe

The Live Screen is a sculptural, self-irrigating vertical planter system that uses hydroponic technology to let urban dwellers grow plants, herbs and flowers with utmost ease. The Live Screen is a stand-alone structure and can be fully customized to suit your space needs. The Live Screen hides a modified drip hydroponic system within the structure. The pumps distribute water from an internal reservoir up to the top tier and the water flows naturally using gravity to minimize energy requirements. The integrated LED lights illuminate the organic shapes to add to the overall appearance of the Live Screen.

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