Multitasking breakfast appliances


Mornings can be immensely stressful, when everybody is in a tremendous rush, getting ready for their routines, with little time for breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Under such circumstances, it becomes imperative to think of effective ways to manage your time efficiently so that you have ample time for your morning activities, and do not miss out on breakfast. Using appliances that are efficient and multitask, can give you enough time to have your breakfast ready in time. Here are a few you could consider:

 Coffee maker, toaster, and griddle in one 

This three in one wonder takes away the hassle of managing three different appliances. It can cook three different items in one go; you can make your coffee on the side, cook eggs, sausages, and bacon on top, and toast your bread inside.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker has a multilayer design that makes it very special. One layer cooks the ingredients that you desire to put in your sandwich, the other layer cooks an egg that you can put as a top layer in your sandwich, yet another layer toasts the bread. The device seamlessly performs all these functions and you get a mouth-watering, hot sandwich.

A griddle with a secret drawer

This particular appliance is extremely helpful for a homemaker who has to serve breakfast to the family members in turns. The device has a griddle on top where you can cook eggs, bacon, pancakes, and then stash them in the lower section of the griddle. A drawer in the lower section is equipped to keep the stored food warm.

Waffle and omelet maker

Waffle making is a messy task that we happily indulge in to get a taste of the delicacy. Thankfully, things can be made easier using devices like the Waffle and Omelet Maker. This device can cook your waffle, and the omelet to accompany it. The waffle batter goes on one side and the omelet batter on the other. Within minutes, a hot and crisp waffle and omelet will be ready.

Egg Cooker and Toaster in one

Put four slices of bread in the toaster on one side and two eggs on the other side to cook. Within no time, two sandwiches are ready for your breakfast.


Aforementioned is a list of extremely efficient multitasking kitchen appliances, which are of great help to people who cannot afford spending a great deal of time in making breakfast for themselves.

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