Reflex Travel Couch folds into a laptop style bag for easy transportation

With modern apartments getting smaller day-by-day, city dwellers often fall short of space to accommodate the standard size wooden (or leather for that matter) furniture in their living areas. Designed to fulfill the varying needs of modern users, the Reflex Travel Couch as the name suggests is a portable sofa that offers an instant seating, and that too with minimum fuss.

All you need to do is unfold the bag and make a few simple twists and turns to place yourself comfortably anywhere, anytime. Offering four different backrest positions to ensure a comfortable body position, the reclining travel couch also features armrests to keep users intact while relaxing. Ideal for TV/movie viewing, tailgating and dorm living, the reclining chair allows a comfy sitting space for gamers during those extended gaming sessions, thanks to 3″ high density foam seat and back rest.  Moreover, the user can lay the couch flat for a power nap during the day.

Reflex Couch is not just ideal for indoor use, but also unfurls a wide range of possibilities for modern nomads during outdoor excursions. If you are not willing to rest your butts on hard rocks and logs during picnics with family and friends, the portable couch is just right for you.

Integrating a steel frame that keeps it upright, the Reflex Travel Couch is sturdy enough to place two well built people comfortably. The couch includes a shoulder strap with comfort shoulder pad that the user can sling over his/her shoulder for easy transportation while hiking or camping. Users can adjust the shoulder strap according to their body stature for easy movement.  Priced at $120, the portable couch is available in three color options (black, red and navy) to go with different interiors.

Via: Dailymail


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