Pros and Cons of Semi-Modular Kitchen and why opt for Modular Kitchen

It is common in India for people to use term “Modular Kitchen” for all purposes. Technically there is difference in Modular Kitchen & Semi Modular Kitchen.

For example, kitchen cabinets in India are mostly made from laminated plywood which are cut into appropriate sizes and fixed together to for form separate units/drawers. The common practice is to go for 5 sides (right, left, top, bottom and back cabinets) with common access from the front drawer. But modular kitchens will have customized sets of units that get assembles as per the needs and desires of the homeowner. In this case, the kitchen is largely an empty space wherein the owner and the architect have the freedom to apply their creativity and concepts in making the assemblies. Consequently, the opportunities of designing are endless.

However, many a times, home buyers look out for semi-modular kitchens, thinking them to be cheaper and pre-installed assemblies. The cabinets in this case are mostly permanent, made of cemented counter tops and slabs acting as the top and base of the drawers.

Advantages of semi-modular kitchens

  1. The kitchen is ready to be used right the instance you step into it
  2. No extra spending is required in making the kitchen suitable to start the desired cooking functions
  3. Cost is minimal

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Disadvantages of semi modular kitchens

  1. The civil structure of the semi modular kitchen will always be hard to personalize
  2. Cemented counter tops, slabs and sinks will provide constrains flexibility of design
  3. Losing out on top storage
  4. Unable to use the functional kitchen accessories for storage
  5. There is a lot of paneling and filling to do. Sometimes, the slabs have to be cut to allow for the drawers
  6. Uneven / rough finishes
  7. The utensils are always exposed

Why go for modular kitchen

As already learnt, semi-modular kitchen will not look as good and polished as modular ones. Further, there is always a risk of exposing your utensils to environmental elements ranging from moisture to rats. True that semi modular kitchen require a little more investment than modular ones but it adds the flexibility of restructuring and rebuilding according to your desires. In the long run modular kitchens will only offer more flexibility and thus a cost advantage. Further, having a modular kitchen also enhances the overall value of your home.

It is thus advisable to always opt for modular kitchens even if it would take a couple of more weeks to set yourself up completely. Once done, you will naturally know the other practical advantages.

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