R-lamp emits negative ions to purify toxic air in case of a fire

With increasing incidents of fire due to short-circuit in home electronics, especially decorative lighting, people usually refrain from installing unsafe products, no matter how attractive they appear. Offering a safe and trendy lighting solution, the “R-lamp” is an innovative home appliance that apart from illuminating your place also doubles as an efficient fire self-rescue product during emergencies.

The lamp is ideal for both normal and emergency situations, for when switched on it emits negative ions to purify air and let you breathe fresh within the four walls of the house. And in case of a fire, the lamp also makes the poisoned air and smoke nontoxic to help the people evade critical situation. Integrating a smoke detector at the base, the R-lamp blows an alarm, in case you fail to spot the red light, to make you aware of the threat so you could leave the dangerous place without any delay.

In addition, the lamp comes with a face mask, which is neatly placed within the transparent cover, to let the user avoid smoke and toxins during fire, as the negative ions emits fresh air through the mask. Powered by a backup battery, the lamp keeps illuminating even when it is turned off to detect the crunch situation. Therefore, the R-lamp is not just improves the home decor, but helps individuals save their lives during house fires as well.

Via:  JamesDysonAward

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