Re-Watering hydroponic system lets you grow plants all year round

The concept of hydroponic gardening is on the rise with the ever-increasing space problems. Lately, we introduced you to some of the most amazing indoor planters for urban apartments and now, we have the Re-Watering, a simple system for indoor gardening by Studiomobile. The Re-Watering is an indoor hydroponic cultivation system that focuses on the reuse of water. It comprises of three ovules, a ceramic column and a system that recycles water continuously to feed a small vegetable garden.

Re-Watering lets homeowners grow fresh herbs, vegetables and ornamental plants all year round, while saving the precious water. Moreover, it doesn’t take too much of your space, which makes it a great option for compact spaces. Since it’s a closed system, Re-Watering doesn’t contaminate the environment. It also purifies the air and reduces the excess need for pesticides and weed killer. Most parts of the Re-Watering hydroponic system are handmade and self-produced.

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