Roofing Options and Materials That You Should Know

Roofing Options and Materials

There aren’t many people who think about roofing for homes. When they do, it’s specifically about their roof because it’s leaking or has wind damage. This damage will need to be repaired, and sometimes redoing the whole roof may be the best option.

You may think that a roof is just the top of your house that’s supposed to stay sealed to keep you dry and warm. Roofs can be something beautiful that add curb appeal and equity to your home.

You have many types of roofing materials to choose from, and learning about them could help you decide if your current roofing is the right one for you. When looking at the roofing materials, keep appearance, longevity, cost, and structural issues in mind.

Roofing Materials

So, let’s talk about the available roofing materials. 

1. Rolled Roofing

Rolled RoofingRolled roofing is used for low-sloped roofs in residential areas. Rolled roofing are long rolls of 100 square feet by 3 feet wide. This makes it fast and convenient for covering a sloped-roof. This material lasts around 10 years.

2. Asphalt Composite Shingles

This is a popular material for roofing in North America. It’s made of fiberglass, asphalt, and mineral granules. Asphalt composite shingles are good at flexing and adapting as the roof moves because of expansion and contraction. Taking into account the quality of the shingles and the conditions they go through, asphalt composite shingles can last between 12 to 30 years.

3. Wood Shingles or Shakes

ShakesWood roofs are attractive but have limitations. Areas that get a lot of moisture or are prone to wildfires aren’t good places for wood roofs. Both are made from natural wood like cedar, but there is a difference. Shingles are thin wedges of wood, while shakes are thicker wedges that are rough. Wood roofs can last for 60 years if kept dry. Damp conditions will drop the lifespan of these roofs to 20 years.

4. Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are molded and fired for hardness. Typically, they are unglazed and a reddish-orange color. There are glazed ceramic tiles that can be used as a roofing material. These tiles are good for hot climates or salty air. Clay tiles are expensive, but these roofs can last a century.

Eco-Friendly Green Roof

Homeowners typically regard moss as bad when it comes to their roofs. If planned for, moss and other living plants can make a good roof. It’s an unorthodox type of roof, but it gives back to the earth by putting oxygen back into the air. It can give your house thermal insulation, absorb rainwater, and allow you to grow plants. Having a green roof means that you’ll need a layer of waterproof membrane and adequate drainage. The cost of a green roof varies but is worth it for those willing to spend the money. They also require regular maintenance to make the roof last.

These are only a few of the options available when it comes to getting a new roof. When you get ready to look for a roofer, get quotes. Dominion Roofing offers that on their homepage.

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