The Different Flooring Options for Decoration of Your House


Homeowners looking for renovating their house or building a new house, choosing the right flooring material are quite essential. The flooring options you choose must satisfying your specific needs and the overall project budget. There are different types of flooring materials available and it is used as per the purpose. For instance, fixing properties as a rental investment it is necessary that you choose the suitable flooring material which can tolerate the daily wear and tear. And for bathroom flooring that are no brainer than settling with tiles. The other flooring materials are subject to the value and overall home’s style and preferences of the home owners. Moreover, the quality, price ad styling of the flooring must be suitable for the overall decor and theme and value of the house. So, for your help Opustone has brought some of the renowned and popular choices of flooring materials for you.

Floor Tiles

Floor-TilesThe floor tiles offered by Opustone resemble the natural raw materials like stone and wood and you will find them in a variety of colour ranges and theme. The products delivered by the retailer suit the overall decor and theme of a house and ensures that it is the perfect option for designing or decorating the flooring of your living room or house. Moreover, the tiles floors are extremely resistant to scratching and damaging and it makes the perfect decorative choice for room where family meetings are held. The tiles flooring materials look perfect and elegant on their own and provide you with a private covered carpet area. With the tiles flooring you are not required to worry about the under floor heating or installation as it won’t affect the condition of the flooring that is covered with tiles. The retailers offer you with wide selection of patterns so as to suit the desired decor and style of any room arrangement.

There are some tile flooring option which resembles wood flooring and this gives a look of old polished interior designing and styling. There are also patterns which look like old wood that are painted many times to achieve the blanched plank look. This type of tile flooring brings the rustic simplicity to any room where it is installed. The modern day home owner may opt for such tile flooring options because the tiles floors gave the patterns of concrete or raw stone.

Granite Flooring

Granite-FlooringGranite is mainly used for kitchen countertops, but in modern day you will also find some granite options for flooring too. These are basically the black granite flooring which can provide any room with the option to decorate in different colour schemes. The neutral colour of the granite floors enhances the decor with eye catching accent colouring. Home owners get the chance to add any accent colouring to the rooms and use other decoration and accessories to complete the granite flooring. However, there are also other colour granite flooring available and the most commonly used for decorative purpose is green and dark colours like black.

Some of the people usually make use of the accent colours as it goes well with the black granite tiles and looks good with the neutral wall colouring. The granite tiles also look optimal with any colour decor of the room. You are required to ensure that the installation of the granite tiles is done professionally and make sure to close all the minimal grout staining. For proper installation it is necessary to make use of tinted grout which can help you achieve the seamless look. But it is necessary that you seal the grout and the tiles properly. The granite tiles demands for less maintenance and it needs to be cleaned and sealed regularly. It gives multiple choices for decorating the walls of the house.

Stone Flooring


The modern day houses are now making use of the decorative stone floor blocks which are basically the stony blocks with spiral pattern. The stone flooring is beautiful, natural and offers a stylish looks to any room and it looks good with any synthetic stone products too. The natural stones are mainly used in place of synthetic stones for flooring and each type of the stone flooring option has different characteristics. They look cool and ideal for achieving hard surfaces. The stone flooring usually look good on pathways and garden areas. However, they are not making their way into the living rooms and even bedroom because of the availability of synthetic stone flooring options. The stone flooring looks perfect in any room arrangement and also in spaces where the modern minimalism is dominating. Some of the stone flooring option also looks like marble surfaces and this adds elegance to the interior of the home.

These were some of the flooring options which you would find in the store and you can make selection of the flooring option as per your budget and preferences.   

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