5 – Garden lawn designs and ideas

Garden lawn designs and ideas

Revamping your garden lawn is always a good idea. There is always a scope of making your garden interesting and experiment with new things. You will never get short of new ideas and designs to make your garden more interesting and innovative. So this new year, make some changes and give your garden a new look. These innovative garden lawn design and ideas can help you have a better idea to make your garden much more gorgeous and attractive.

1.     Stone pathways

Stone-pathways.Stone pathways always look great on your garden and lawn. And this is one lawn designs for small homes which does not cost you much. You can yourself make your own stepping stone pathways. You just need some of the stones in hand to create beautiful pathways. One of the ways is to create a stone with the help of cement mixture. These stone pathways not only look good and beautiful but it actually proves to be very useful sometimes.

Creating these kinds of garden or stone pathways setting always gives a sense of royal look to your space. You can always have the shapes and sizes according to your style and also where all you wanted to put it. Make sure you have space for the grass to be visible and incorporate them in between the stones. These give a more wonderful look.

2.     A smart front yard

Though there are so many landscaping ideas for the front side of the house, there is a very simple and cute way to reuse the old bathtub and turn it into a very interesting flower bed or planter. From the bathtub, you will get ample of space to make your flower garden in it. Make your beautiful garden in it by planting the flower of your choice. Moreover, it can also make your plants and flowers to keep protected insects, pests and rabbits and rats.

Not only the flower garden, but you can also grow veggies and make your very own vegetable garden in it too. A very safe place to see your green vegetable grow at door front. You can make the bathtub really interesting by designing and painting it. Provide some pop of colors to this bathtub to make it more interesting. You can also make lining around the tub with tiny shrubs to make it more beautiful and it gives a nice appearance as well. It’s a really great way to recycle your old appliances and alter them into something new.

3.     Palette furniture

Palette-furnitureAdd some palette furniture into your garden lawn. Use some old furniture to add to your lawn and it is one of the easiest and most creative ways to decorate. Use some old furniture to make comfortable sitting arrangements on the lawn. It should be anything like a bench, a comfortable chair, or sofa. Just stain or paint the furniture to match up with your outdoor décor and arrangements. Add some nice colorful cushions, some bling or stylish effect. For the table and coffee table, you can use wooden logs to keep it at the center. This old looking rustic furniture looks great on the lawn and it gives a very rustic look to your space and that you can easily maintain throughout the year.

4.     Integrate your favorite piece of ornaments

One of the creative ways to design the garden lawn is to decorate your garden with some of your favorite ornaments. Many people think that ornaments and decorative elements are not for outside decoration, but why not. You can equally decorate your small garden and make it more beautiful by adding planked décor, nice wooden water fountains or a nice garden statue; it will make your place eye-catching. So get some nice piece of decorative items to place on your lawn.

5.     Light up your garden lawn

Light-up-your-garden-lawnThe most important and innovative ways to make your garden beautiful is by adding lights. Lighting makes any place beautiful and appealing. There are so many ways you can do so with outdoor lightings. Many different varieties of lights are available in the market to make your space cheerful and beautiful at the same time.

You can go for Led, glow lights of different shapes or the classic string lights without sending much on your pocket. Give a nice look to your front or the backyard area with these colorful lightings which add a level of class and great ambiance and also adds a festive touch to your space no matter what time of the year it is.  They just give you an opportunity to have a party all year long and what else you want.

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