This sculptural faucet has seven heads, pours out LED-lit messages

We have seen some interesting faucet concepts to date, but this seven-headed faucet stands apart from the crowd in a unique way. A sculptural installation by Rafael Gomez, “life choices” features seven faucet-like arms that project letters and the user can create messages with the same. The stunning artwork has been made with old faucets, lenses taken from disposable cameras, one-way mirrors, LEDs and iron rods. Water is life, and French artist says that the way faucets flow out water, the ‘life choices’ pout our words that relate to our feelings.

The faucet artwork sits on a base created from one-way mirrors, which integrate a structure that support the LEDs. The idea behind the installation was to explore a person’s issues about his life or his environment.

Via: DesignBoom/Gizmodo

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