Tips for choosing the right luxury chair for your decor

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Chairs are important pieces in one’s home decor. Almost all areas of the home are adorned with chairs. Sofas and accent luxury chairs for the living room. Dining chairs for the dining room. Outdoor chairs for the garden. Office chairs for the study. A lot can be said about your home just by your choice of this essential yet luxury chair. You can go from simple acrylic and brass chairs to cover the basics. Or you can take a more luxurious route and get designer items like the Isabel chair or the Celine chair from an Italian furniture store.

If you are wondering how your choice of chairs could remarkably uplift your home, here are 4 tips for choosing the right luxury chair for your decor:

Measure your space

It’s important to measure your entire space before going out hunting for furniture. There are several ways to properly measure your space in preparation for putting furniture. First, measure the door you’ll be using to bring the chairs in. It’s important that they are big enough for your desired chair.

If you are living in an apartment or condominium, consider the size of the service elevator too. A worst-case scenario is when you’d have to pay additional for hauling your furniture via the staircase if it doesn’t fit in the elevator. Or you’d have to return it altogether because it doesn’t fit in your door.

After measuring all the entries and passageways, measure the walls in the rooms next. Take note of the length and width, as well as the height of the floor to ceiling. Corners and beams can also be taken into account. When you make all necessary measurements, you can better scout for the right furniture. You can even render it digitally for better appreciation.

Luxury Chair is a fusion of form and function

The best furniture has a balance of form and function. Today, a lot of designers are gearing up for elegant and functional pieces that serve multiple purposes. Now that living spaces are getting smaller and smaller, the quest for minimalist and functional furniture is always on. Today, chairs don’t only mean ideal for lounging, they can be extended to a bed too. Benches are not just living room accents, they make for good dining chairs as well.

Chairs can even become a storage extension for you, just look at an ottoman. If you want to keep your home spacious and elegant, pick pieces that serve dual if not multiple purposes.

Play with the existing theme

Decorating a home is all about putting the right pieces together in harmony. Luxury chair is usually the first furniture you look at when designing a living room or a dining room. But you also have to consider the existing look and feel of your home. From the colors of the wall to the finish of the floor, your chair must blend perfectly in order for your theme to look pleasing to the eyes.

Check the area you are putting it on

When choosing a luxury chair, consider where you are putting it on. If your living room is empty, take the measurements you made and mark out the area you can allow for chairs using painter’s tape. Doing this gives you a better visual on the size of furniture to get. Same goes when picking chairs for other parts of the house, though generally, it’s the living room that needs more spatial adjustment.

For the dining area, if you already have an existing table and only want to replace the chairs, you’d have no problem with space. Just get a set the suits the table and the theme of the dining room.

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