Tony Barsotti’s Custom Bookends and Gun Lamps

Tony Barsotti Bookends

Dallas-based Tony Barsotti designs and creates custom furniture and other interesting home furnishing items. Two of the highlights from his portfolio are the Custom Bookends and the Gun Lamps. The custom bookends feature integrating lighting to showcase your volumes in style. While the pictured above Bookends read “F*** All That”, you could possibly go for some soft messages. On the other hand, Tony Barsotti’s Gun Lamps line includes the $170 Pistol lamp and the $470 Machine Gun lamp (pictured after the jump).

The Baltic birch with white acrylic gun lamps use energy efficient LED lighting to fill you space with soft, soothing light.

Tony Barsotti Pistol Lamp

Tony Barsotti Gun Lamp

Cheers! Tony Barsotti

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