Top Tips for Styling Large Rooms  

Having a nice, spacious room is great until it comes to deciding how to style it. Many people struggle to find the right way to make the most out of large rooms, especially when they first buy a home which seems big, empty and unfillable. They can often find themselves buying furniture and ornaments for the sake of it to try and fill what feels like empty space; only to regret the purchase soon after.

If you are struggling with getting the right style in a larger room, you are not alone and there are a few ideas and interior design tips that won’t make you feel like you’re filling the space. You want your home to feel comfortable; reflecting your personal style.

Here are some ideas for you to consider:

Buy larger furniture items


Scale is important, and if you can select furniture items that are taller and wider but still to your own taste, then this will help fill the space without using lots of smaller items which may make the room seem cluttered. A long, tall bookshelf is a great way to remove the emptiness of a bare wall.

Suitable lighting 

As with rooms of all sizes, your lighting choices will have a huge impact on the overall feel of the room. For large rooms, creative lighting will help to remove empty dark corners at night. Lighting specialists Kichler Lighting provides an assortment of unique fixture. Chandeliers and pendants will make the most of any room with high ceiling and they can add a real hint of class to any room.

Get the colors right
 painting new home

Just like the lighting, the color of your room will enhance how large or small the room feels. Experts recommend that painting a ceiling a few shades darker than the walls will help make the room feel snugger. For large wall spaces, a simple pattern can disintegrate the feeling of expanse. You could also incorporate an impressive feature wall.

Give the room a focal point 

You need to decide on a focal point for your room to build your style around. Whether it is your fireplace or a large coffee table, once you have selected it, you can put everything else together to highlight the best and most impressive feature.

Create zonal areas 

Instead of setting the room up as one big space, you can incorporate zones. A large rug is the perfect way to frame an area. Furthermore, moving and arranging your furniture to different sections of the room will eliminate that overly spacious feel. This is great for people living in a large studio apartment.

Large rooms don’t need to be ‘filled up.’ Instead, they need to be well-styled and well thought out to get the most out of the space. Strategize on how you are going to fill the space before you spend money on furniture. Not only will this save you time, but it will also spare you unnecessary expenses.

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