TV Bike by Team Tentakulus keeps you entertained anytime anywhere

A bike, a TV, a sound system…what else you need for entertainment on the go? The TV Bike by Team Tentakulus is not just another bike you see on the street, but a complete entertainment bonanza on the go. While the TV Bike by Team Tentakulus has been designed primarily as a show bike, it’s something you can park in your living room and couch yourself to enjoy the same while you relax.  While you must be fed up with the conventional bikes that ask you to pedal every time, the TV Bike adds more style quotient to your ride.

The multifunctional mode of transport can also be used for promotional activities of any kind. With the TV Bike, The TV Bike was born out of Team Tentakulus’ desire to develop a product design for a  means of transport with a wide range of functions.

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