Use these ideas to make up for the absence of a room closet


Closets seem to be an inseparable part of a room, but sometimes all of us happen to compromise on this important aspect when it comes to hire apartments on rent. Some apartments come without closets and due to financial reasons, we are left with no option than to live in such apartments, no matter how awkward it feels. However, some ways can help us reduce the awkwardness and discomfort of apartments without closets. Following are ways to deal with a room that has no closet, and make the best of the situation.

Purchase an Armoire or a Dresser

An armoire or a nice dresser can make up for the absence of a room closet. Choose a space in your room; go to a shop or to a reseller and buy an armoire of the size and shape that suits your requirement and the room size. This is the easiest and the most effective option to save you from the discomfort of public display of your clothes in a room.

DIY clothes rack

Clothes rack is a perfect addition to a room that misses a closet. You can buy it from a shop but it is better to design it yourself by following some super easy DIY tips. According to your needs, you can make one with multiple hanging levels, or the one that has a good space at the lower section wherein you can keep your shoes in an orderly manner.

Bed Risers

With bed risers you can raise you bed height to whatever level you desire. This gives you a good space beneath your bed where you can stack some boxes to store your shoes, the out of season clothes or the accessories that you use on occasional basis.

Use multi-functional furniture

Buy furniture like ottomans, and chests that besides their basic function serve as good storage units as well. Use the top of the ottoman to sit and store your clothes and accessories inside it, or buy chests will serve as storage and a table.

Cover it up with color block curtains

You can partition a space in a room that you can use as an open closet. Hide that space behind a curtain with a beautiful design and a color block pattern that will certainly make your room look beautiful.


By following some easy yet effective space management tips, we can make a room without closet pretty comfortable and devoid of any awkwardness.

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