Zigzag shelving system is easy to set up, fits inside a bag

Storage in small spaces is always a big concern for homeowners and selecting the right kind of furniture units is of great significance. Ready-to-assemble furniture (aka Flatpack furniture) is quite popular nowadays with the people living in compact urban spaces, as it’s quite easy to assemble it after purchase. While it seems an easy option to assemble the pieces, the assembling part might not interest anyone. Designed by Tahsin Emre Eke of Istanbul, Turkey, the Zigzag is a unique shelving system that comes ready to be used without any assembling.

The Zigzag shelf fits inside a box and could be setup anywhere easily. If you move around a lot, the Zigzag seems to be a great thing to furnish your abode. It will hardly take you 10-20 seconds to take the Zigzag out of the bag and it’s ready to use. There is no need for screws, hammer or any assembling guides, which you can’t do without with the regular ready-to-assemble furniture.

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