10 Hacks to Make the Most of Your Garden

Make the Most of Your Garden

Taking care of your yard can seem like a lot of hard work- maybe you always put it off until the plants are wilting, and the lawn is overgrown and strewn with toys. Your garden is meant to be a valuable addition to your home, a calm area to relax in the sunshine and fresh air. If you find yourself avoiding your backyard and your garden is feeling cluttered and uninviting, it may be time for a refresh. Making the most of your garden space and turning it into a welcoming oasis can take as little as some sprucing up, and a few smart ideas. These hacks can transform your garden into an area you want to spend all your time. A few intentional choices here and there will make a big difference with making your garden more appealing.

1. Go for green

Go for greenIt may seem obvious, but this simple solution is often overlooked. Fast growing saplings can be used to replace or add height to fencing, giving you much needed privacy without making your garden feel blocked in by unsightly walls or old fences. Trees can also be used to add shade to your yard. Instead of building patios or hanging up shade cloth, keep it natural with a tree or two.

2. Use mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for inside your home! Placing mirrors along exterior walls can help to expand your outdoor space. This trick is especially good for smaller yards or terraces, as it can lengthen smaller spaces and add further points of interest for your eyes to wander to without becoming cluttered. Mirrors are just the thing to make your garden feel stylishand spacious.

3. Level up

Sectioning off your yard into multiple levels helps create distinct spaces in your garden. This is a great way to add interest and depth to your garden, rather than having a flat block of lawn with nothing much to look at. This is a great tip that works for any size yard, whether you have space for a large deck, a small sitting area, or simply just elevated sections for your plants.

4. Contain it

outdoor space improvementsKeeping your plants in pots isn’t a new idea, but it can transform your outdoor space. By having your flowers and plants in containers you have easy ways to create variety and contrast in your garden. An added feature of this is it means the layout of your garden is flexible, you can move pots around to create different spaces, or maximise the amount of sun the plants receive at different times of year. Beyond pots, containing your garden also means deer fencing. It is important to protect the garden from critters.

5. Pick your focal point

No matter the size or layout of your garden you can make the most of it by adding feature to the focal point. This is the first thing people will notice when they enter your garden, the thing that sets it apart. Whether you install a water feature, an interesting sculpture, or have a firepit area, deciding on your focal point will make your vision for your garden clearer.

6. Dial back on furnishings

Bulky outdoor furniture takes up a lot of space in a garden. It also takes time to keep looking clean, and often looks dated quickly. Instead of the large outdoor lounges, try and find more minimal options. A stylish solution to this is built in furniture. You can extend a retaining wall to become a bench or add seating along a wall. Another option is to choose outdoor furniture that is easier to move around and less of a bulky feature, such as wire chairs. Whatever you choose, remember your furniture is going to be a key part of the garden so make the most of your furniture choices as a style feature.

7. Think height

gardening hobbyIt’s not all about your ground space; making use of vertical space is a great hack that is often overlooked. You can add hanging pots or climbing plants to maximise the amount of space you use in your garden. This creates depth and makes your garden more exciting to look at. If your space is smaller, you can even add a hanging garden onto a wall, to free up ground space without missing out on greenery.

8. Clear the clutter

One of the easiest ways to make your garden a more valuable and useful space is to cut down on clutter. This can be as simple as trimming back overgrown bushes, packing away any unused toys lying around, and finding a place to keep garden tools while you’re not using them. If you’re struggling to find a storage space in your yard, a good tip is to use benches with built in storage to help cut down on the number of things taking up precious garden space.

9. Light it up

A quick and simple way to make your garden look expensive is to add lighting. Carefully placed lighting elevates any space and can bring your outdoor area a new feeling of warmth at night. There’s nothing like spending a warm summer evening outside, and all it takes to transform your space is a bit of lighting. This will make your garden more inviting in the evening and expand the amount of use you will get out of it, making your garden more valuable than ever.

10. Bring it back in

beautiful-gardenIndoor to outdoor flow is the main thing that will enhance your garden from an unused space to another part of your living area. Keeping this in mind while refreshing your garden will ensure that you get the most out of your efforts, and out of your garden. When deciding what changes to make, try see your garden as an extension of your interior, and make style choices that flow together. If you are adding a deck or paving, place it outside the door so the space gradually opens up into the garden. Using a similar colour palette on pots, or even flowering plants as you have inside your home will help to tie the two spaces together.

A great garden has a strong impact on the value and marketability of your home. You don’t need to have the biggest yard or the greenest thumb to make the most out of your garden. With that being said, the smallest changes can have an influential impact on the value of your property. If you are looking into improving your garden before selling your home, getting a pre-sale property valuation can help you gain a clear idea of your property’s value.

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