Four Ways to Make your Apartment Space Feel Bigger

Make your Apartment Space Feel Bigger

Apartment living offers a lot of convenience for those who either can’t afford a free standing house or those who do not need a lot of space to feel at home. You can find a lot of apartments for rent in Huntsville if your job requires you to move to Alabama or if you just simply wants to start anew to a different city. While apartment living has become an increasing trend, especially for city dwellers, the next challenge arises when it comes to getting used to dealing with a small space. It may not feel like it can make an impact, but when it comes time to sell – utilising the amount of space you have creates a new opportunity to increase its value. Finding small ways to make a space feel bigger can make your home feel less cluttered and more homely.  

1. Do a Deep Clean

organizing-shelvesFinding the time to sift through your possessions can make a huge difference to your space. A deep clean really allows you to take a step back and figure out what it is you need what you can live without. This means going through every room and organise through what you need and what you don’t. With that being said, throwing away old magazines, going through cupboards that you haven’t looked through thoroughly and organising your wardrobe is the perfect way to declutter your space.

Doing a deep clean is the first step in truly being able to make your space feel bigger. Furthermore, one tip to take on board is to have a think about how much you actually use something – was it in the past 6 months? If so, do you rely on it? The same goes for your furniture, your clothes and the contents of drawers and cupboards. Sometimes, it’s good to practice a little proactivity in your clean.

If the end goal is to sell your home – whether it’s in the near future or if you’re still in the planning stage, then you will need to prepared for people to go through your home and inspect it themselves. When potential buyers inspect a home, they will likely open cupboards and want to know how much space is available. If they see storage areas filled to the brim, it’s going to make the space feel cluttered and small.

A deep clean will not only allow you to sift through your possessions, but it’ll also give you the opportunity to minimize your clutter. It’ll make your home feel more inviting, homely and more spacious for yourself and potential buyers in the case that you do decide to sell. Furthermore, you’ll be giving yourself an opportunity to seek out some cost effective options to further maximise your space.

2. Multi-purpose use

This technique is a Godsend for apartment dwellers. Finding items with a dual purpose can not only save space, but it can also save you money. Multi-purpose items can be as easy as using an old chair as a bedside table, using ottomans with built in storage, or utilising a floor-drawer to place under your bed for hidden storage.

When dealing with a small space, it’s important to be able to take advantage of every opportunity you have to save on precious floor space. Finding simple solutions will be your saving grace in making your space feel bigger. Something as simple as saving money on a desk and setting up a makeshift work station on your dining room table during the day will save you from the clutter of fitting everything into a small space.

Another idea is to make use of day beds and sofas with hidden storage or utilising a couch that turns into a bed for guests to sleep on if necessary. Although these are simple changes, they will make a huge difference in optimising your apartment space.

3. Go Vertical

beautiful-hanging-shelvesHidden and multi-purpose storage is one thing, but you can also take advantage of your un-utilised wall space by creating some vertical storage opportunities. This might mean floor to ceiling bookcases, hanging shelves or finding some free-standing cupboards that don’t occupy too much space. This is a great opportunity to store books, magazines, indoor plants and any else that you might need. Furthermore, this provides the perfect opportunity to create a room divider using a double sided bookcase or storage unit to give your space some separation between areas.

Creating a vertical space to store your possession is handy for providing an additional storage area. Furthermore, the presentation of the vertical space can provide the illustrious impression of a bigger space and heightened ceilings. 

4. Colour and natural light

After a deep clean and some space optimising hacks, the finishing touches to make your space bigger are dedicated to the finer details. Finding room for some indoor greenery can add a welcoming splash of colour to your space – it doesn’t have to be extravagant; it could be as simple as small succulents or hanging pot plants to add a little extra to the space. Colour and greenery catch the eye and deters it from other areas, it also adds a welcoming feel for anyone inhabiting the space.

Finally, taking advantage of natural light can immediately open up a space. From this, finding a decorative mirror (or two) to hang will showcase any areas of natural light and provide a more spacious feeling.

These small additions can provide a beneficial effect on the viewable space, especially if you want to show off your space to potential buyers.

Taking advantage of these small tricks of the trade to boost your apartment liveability and useable space. It will not only contribute to making your space feel bigger, but it will also be your saving grace when it comes to adding some sneaky value to your home. When you decide to sell your property, seeking out some professional advice through a property valuation Melbourne expert is a valuable way to gain a true understanding into your property’s worth. In the meantime, finding ways to minimise your clutter and showing off the space and any natural light you have can give you a welcoming boost to your property value when you decide to sell.

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