10 Tips for ventilating windowless rooms

portable fan

Windows are such important features of a room that it is weird to think of one without them. For a natural airflow, they are bare essentials and an extremely potent poor ventilation solution. But there might be certain situations where a room has to be made sans windows for purposes ranging from a workshop to a laundry room or a bathroom or sewing room. In these cases, ventilating such windowless rooms becomes very important. Here below are some easy and innovative means of solving the problem.

1.     Ventilating windowless rooms with extractor fan

This is especially effective in the kitchen area if you have a kitchen sans windows. A lot of moisture and steam and smoke are emanated when you cook. The extractor fan can be an effective means of capturing this air. Even with or without the ceiling fan you do need this for providing the perfect poor ventilation solution.

2.     Using of air-conditioners

Using of air-conditionerSpecially handy for the bedroom area, you can always install an air conditioner. Not only will it cool down the temperature, it also can be an effective tool to ventilate a room without windows. If claustrophobia is your thing then surely install this to breathe easy and have a feeling of freshness.

There are different options available in the market. If you are planning to buy new air conditioners then know the difference between portable ACs and evaporative ACs first and make the right decision.

3.     Reduce the number of furniture

The logic is simple. The more the amount of furniture, the more it is a hindrance to freely flowing air. So naturally reducing the furniture in the room is a smart idea to be implemented in a windowless room.

4.     The magic of porous materials

The magic of porous materials

The use of items like bricks or air bricks in particular which allow air to move around can change dimensions of your room and introduce a natural airflow. So such porous materials will be of great usage in a room with ventilation issues due to lack of windows.

5.     Air purifying plants

When in doubt, look to nature for help. There are so many plants that are well known to purify air. Introduction of such plants in the house will not be a mere beautification project. For a windowless room, this will be an absolute saviour and having a few would be of great help.

6.     The relief from scented candles

The relief from scented candlesThis almost comes across as a cheat code for those struggling with de-humidifiers. The sense of freshness is missing big time and there is an uneasiness and stuffy climate that creeps in alongside. Scented candles can be a great solution to this problem and help you deal with the damp potential. Aromatic smells filling the air would provide the illusion of a better air flow and candles thus can be your cheap go to solution.

7.     Hidden air bricks

Air bricks act as great means of ventilation for tiny rooms with little or no space. To ventilate a room without windows, you can use air bricks in the wall. You can also use them in small water closets. Either way, this is would help both in circulation of fresh air alongside having a comfortable temperature in the room.

8.     Crucial position of the door

position of the door

When you have no windows, the most basic way to introduce a natural airflow is the positioning of the door. It can always be opened and the fan switched on for the most basic solution. The height at which the door is placed is crucial here. So make sure the lower edge of the door is not at the same levels as the floor, but about a half-inch to three-quarter inch high.

9.     For condensation issues

A room without windows can end up being cooler than other parts of the house. This results in more condensation in this room leading to damping and a somewhat musty smell. For this just the work of a dehumidifier would not be enough and you may have to increase your efforts by removal of abundant plants, insulating the exterior wall of the room etc.

10.  Ceiling fans and portable fans

portable fan

For a natural airflow throughout the room round the clock, ceiling fans are a simple route to take. They ensure a constant circulation of air. For those who like to feel the air on their skin can also appreciate the usefulness of the ceiling fan in a stuffy room. If you can complement it with a portable fan blowing in another direction, then you have a wonderful low budget airflow solution at your disposal.

Final words:

We hope these tips will come in handy when you try to ventilate a windowless room. You can also combine two or more of the tips we offered for better results. The work you do is important but this will ensure that you can work without interruptions in a natural airflow.  So let the air flow along with ideas and may the task of ventilating windowless rooms bear rich fruit for you.

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