11 DIY Ideas With Leftover Wallpaper That You Can Definitely Use


Don’t let leftover wallpaper take up storage. Use it to create beautiful decor backgrounds or decor items. There are numerous DIY ideas with leftover wallpaper that are quite easy to use, even if you’re not the crafty type. Check out these great ideas and you’d definitely be running out to DIY for at least a few of them!

DIY ideas with leftover wallpaper 

Designer bookshelf

designer bookshelf

As DIY ideas with leftover wallpaper go, this one is one of the best ones. Glue some wallpaper to your bookshelf’s undersides for a pop of color to drab bookshelves.

Wallpaper lantern

Wallpaper is very versatile and there are many uses for leftover wallpaper. You can make a stunning high-end, but an economical wallpaper-hanging lamp. No one’s going to believe that you made it yourself.

Lampshade and stair risers


You can revamp old lampshades with your extra wallpaper. Your lamps will get a new lease on life and look fantastic too. You can even line the insides of lampshades to make it eye-catching when lit up. While you’re at it, you can line your stair risers and give them a completely new look. These uses for leftover wallpaper are economical and stylish. Plus, they add color and pattern to your home.

Wall art

Wall art is one of the things to do with leftover wallpaper. If you have empty space on your wall and are on a tight budget, create eye-catching wall art without spending a single penny. Just frame leftover wallpaper according to the space you have – it’s a fantastic and stylish idea, isn’t it?

Gorgeous candles


DIY ideas with leftover wallpaper need not always be square shaped. You can cut out the patterns and shapes in the wallpaper and wrap them around various objects, such as candles. This would transform a simple candle into a work of art –one that is beautiful and unique.

Transform your old wooden trays

Add some style to your plain wooden trays with scraps of wallpaper. You just have to cut out the wallpaper according to the size of the tray and with some decoupage, stick it onto the tray. This DIY project can be finished in five minutes flat. Just be ready to be flooded with compliments from your admiring guests.

Wallpaper wreath

If you have floral wallpaper leftover, just cut out the flowers from the wallpaper and arrange them in a circular shape to make a pretty paper wreath. With natural eucalyptus filler, you have an exquisite home decor that costs absolutely nothing. It’s a craft that your kids can also practice easily.

Pretty closets and hangers

Line the insides of closets and hangers with your gorgeous leftover wallpaper. It will add a burst of color to your closets and cheer you up whenever you open them up. And if you have small strips of paper left with you, glue them to your hangers to have coordinated closet and hangers. This is one of the best DIY ideas with leftover wallpaper.

Dress up your drawers


Dress up the drawers of your nightstands and dressers with your leftover wallpaper. This is a simple way to make a stylish design statement, especially if the rest of your furniture is plain.

Wallpapered blinds

Stick wallpaper to the insides of your blinds to add some pattern and color to your room. This is a clever way to control the amount of light in your room too.

Tin can decor

Instead of painting tin cans, you can glue some wallpaper to them to create works of art and store your art supplies such as paint brushes in them.

Now that you’ve seen some lovely DIY ideas using leftover wallpaper, you can use your imagination to create or revamp your home decor with this versatile material. Wow everyone with your unique ideas that reflect your personal taste and style.

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