15 Tips and Ideas for Amazing Wall Decor   

If an empty big blank wall mocks you always in the middle of a well furnished and accented home. Do not let it! Remember it does not too much time or artistic sense to decorate a big empty wall. For most of the decorations, you do not even need an interior decorator. Yes, you heard it right you can do it yourself. Here are some tips and ideas for decorating your wall amazingly.

Play the colors

The blank wall needs a game of colors. Paint it yourself, be creative, and play with the colors. Paint some artistic geometric designs on the wall. You will find many DIY ideas for the wall painting online.

Hang the plates

There is so much more you can do with the plates. If you have some beautiful quarter and full plates in stock, especially of the sets where you have lost a few, do not throw them away. Instead, put them on display on your mocking empty wall.

Create your own art

Each one of us has an artist inside us so use your artistry. You can paint something yourself or if you want pick a photocopy of a beautiful art. Get it framed and hang it on the wall.

Fake a headboard 

If the empty wall is behind your bed, it is easy to make it look it full and decorative by putting up a fake headboard. It is also a less expensive idea for decorating your wall.

Create a photo gallery

If you have some old pictures lying around, arrange them in frames and hang them on the walls. You can also create a pattern or a sequence of the frames and pictures on the wall.

Use a mirror

Hand a big ornamental mirror on the wall. It will not only accent the wall but also the entire room. Along with decorating the wall, it will also make the room look spacious.

Use Wallpaper

Wallpapers are one among the best items that cab used for decorating big empty walls. They come in beautiful colors and patterns. Just apply them on the wall and you are done.

Create accented wall

Cut out geometric figures or any designs on the contact paper and stick them on the walls in an organized way. You can also spray paint the wall over them and remove the papers for a different colored wall.

Map your wall

You can drape your wall with the different pieces of maps; they look amazing when pieced together. Alternatively, you can also create a full sheet of the world map and put it on the wall.

Wall Murals

Wall decals have been gaining popularity increasingly. They are easy to apply and they change the look of the wall, and the entire room completely.

Decorate your walls with hexagon

It might be a little tedious for you. You can use the wooden cut-outs for creating hexagonal shapes and fix them on the wall then paint the sections inside in different colors.

Faux brick panels

If you like the look of the exposed bricks and you do not have any, just fake them. Use the faux brick panels, paint them or outline them with chalk. You are good to go.

Strip paint your wall 

Use painters tape and give your wall vertical strips look. Use the tap and paint the empty section of your wall in a contrast color, then remove the strips, you are done.

Use ribbons on your walls

All it takes a few decorative ribbons for creating a series of diamond shaped structures on the wall for a completely changed look.

Use of Washi tapes

Create a confetti wall look with the help of washi tapes. Cut different colors of washi tapes in a circle and stick them randomly on your wall.


There are many other easy ways of decorating a wall. Just search over the internet and you will find a flood of ideas and tips on how to decorate a wall easily and inexpensively as well as amazingly.

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