4 Upgrades (Like Water Heater Replacement) You Need to Make Right Now


The paperwork is signed, you’ve got a set of keys in your hands and you’re now officially a homeowner. But while your new home passed inspections, you’ve noticed that there are a few things that need some upgrading. You’re not alone. Here’s where you can start:

Hot, Hot, Hot


It’s one of the most common home improvements — we’re talking about water heater replacement. On average, water heaters have a lifespan that ranges from eight to 12 years. The final cost to install a new water heater varies, as there are a number of different types, ranging from conventional to tankless units. The final tab will also depend on the unit you currently have, what you intend to replace it with and what is needed to bring it to code. Hot water heater installation can be tricky. Hiring a professional will ensure that your plumbing, electrical and gas lines are up to code and properly installed.

Curb Appeal

Your new home should be a reflection of you, your style and your family. Add a personal touch to your new home with a bold new door. This simple do-it-yourself project can be knocked out in a weekend and will add a welcoming and inviting touch to your front entryway. New doors are not just a pretty new addition. Many of the new styles are much more environmentally-friendly than their outdated counterparts, which sometimes allow heat to escape and chilly drafts to enter. Before you get started, you may need to contact the homeowners’ association in your community. Many HOAs require the approval of such additions or improvements. In many cases, it’s as simple as filing a bit of paperwork.

Shhh, Quiet


Home appliances can be noisy. The garbage disposal is likely the noisiest of all. When choosing a new garbage disposal for your sink, look for a stainless steel unit with grind components that can chop down items like potato peels and other leftovers. Keep in mind that ¾ horsepower units tend to run quieter than ½ horsepower models. And although more powerful—they’re strong enough to grind down chicken bones, coffee grounds and fruit rinds—the larger 1 horsepower units are an even quieter option. All units require quite a bit of room underneath your sink. For best results, contact a local plumber for installation. Attempting to do-it-yourself might turn this one hour job into a trivial and long lasting process.

Pop of Color

When you buy a new home, you are purchasing it as its previous owner imagined it. And when you get your keys and move all of your furniture and household items in, you may quickly find out that the color on the walls isn’t exactly to your liking. Lucky for new homeowners like you, this problem has a quick fix. A fresh coat of paint can transform any room. Now, before adding paint to your walls, carefully consider the colors you will choose. While you may love the color purple, it might not be the best option for your living space, but it could work well in the guest bathroom down the hall. Get inspired and see how the colors you like will look on your walls without even lifting a paintbrush with a virtual personal color viewer. Just upload a few photos of your space and get inspired.

From appliance upgrades to visually-striking improvements, it’s all about making this new home your home. What improvements will you tackle today?

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