Furniture ideas that express your love for your pets

Animals are fun to be around with; they can truly teach you many things. The unconditional love goes beyond all the abuses and shouts they may go through. Sometimes it is heartbreaking to see the conditions they live in. People who live with animals like dogs and cats understand the true beauty of having them around.

You can spend endless of hours with your furry friend and you will be surprised to see what all they can do. For pet parents, the comfort and safety of their furball is a top priority. In fact, some even go to the extent of making a special place for them. Well, if you are planning to make a special place for your kitty cat or your mad woofy, here are a few multifunctional furniture ideas that will be ideal for small spaced houses.

The bookshelf and cat tree combo

Cats love to monkey around, they can spend hours jumping from pillar to post and basically entertain themselves. Instead of having a separate cat tree or a bookshelf, you can combine the two and come up with an awesome multifunctional furniture. You can have a few tunnels running across the bookshelf with some steps along and other such amusing cat tree inspired zones within the bookshelf itself.

The rocking chair and cat/dog sleeping zone

If your little furbie cannot stop following you around, then this idea is perfect. Get a customized rocking chair done up wherein you can have a sleeping zone under the seat of the chair. Make sure it is sufficient enough for your little one to sleep comfortably. This way you can rock your fur ball to sleep while you sit down and relax as well.

The bedside table with a dog/cat house

Most pet parents love to sleep with their furbie by their side. Similarly, if your furbie loves to sleep in your room, you can make a special place for him or her. Instead of a regular bedside table, you can get one done which will also act like a dog/cat house inside your room. This way you can avoid your little fur ball sleeping on your bed plus give them the security of being next to them.

Cat play zone across the house

Create a play zone for your cat by making a special one just below the ceiling level. You can go with small bridges, cat tunnels, and small-sized launchers and just about anything that will be fun. Run this play zone all across the house so that they can move around wherever they want. This will keep your furball out of harms reach and they can equally spend time playing as much as they want.

The wall-mounted shelf with a cat bed

Cats love to have their own space while they sleep; when this is somewhere high off the ground, it is all the more fun. Now you can combine the idea of having a wall shelf to keep your decor items along with a small hammock for your cat to sleep on.

The kitchen island with a low lined bowl holder

For your dog, let him feel like a part of the family even during dinner times. Dogs love to eat scraps from the table which is not a good idea. When you sit down with the family for dinner, you can create a special place for your pooch so that he or she can eat along with you. If you have a kitchen island, then create a low lined section which is big enough to keep the food bowl. Just make sure that the height should be comfortable enough for him or her to eat.

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