5 cool bed designs


It is a much known fact that there are a lot of choices when it comes to finding beds for your bedroom. There are times when you are confused about which bed to choose and which one to refuse. Choosing the right bed is obviously important as it can enhance or ruin the look of the bedroom. The market is packed with different designs of beds and some of them can be termed as cool bed designs as they have the features that appeal to one and all. We are here to discuss five of such cool bed designs for you so that you can get a clear picture. Let us begin without any further ado.

Cool bed designs for your bedroom

  • Canopy beds: these beds are primarily the four poster beds that look good in any and every home. You will find many options in designs when you go shopping for canopy beds in the market. Usually you will find king and queen sizes in such beds but that does not mean that you cannot get single or twin beds of the same style. It has to be noted that these beds generally look great only in rooms that are bigger in size. If your room is smaller then worry not as there are a lot of other styles for you as well.


  • Divan style beds: these kinds of beds also blend in almost every kind of bedroom and they only enhance the look of the room. You can either choose the smaller divan beds which will look great in spare or smaller rooms or there are wonderful options for bigger rooms as well in the form of sofa cum divan beds. Most of the divan beds have storage space underneath them.
  • Murphy beds: these beds are one of the best options in hand when you all you have are space. These beds can be bought in a lot of different sizes as per the needs of the buyer.


  • Sleigh beds: they have a unique design which includes a rolling head along with a footboard that looks exactly like a sleigh. Most of them are manufactured from wood but some metal ones are also available these days.


  • Platform beds: these beds too look wonderful with almost every interior design. As the name suggests this kind of bed is on a platform and it does not contain a box spring.

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