Sliding doors


Doors are the entry to any and all rooms in the house. Doors are what sets the tone for the entire room, after all, that is what comes in your way when you first enter any room. If you get an innovative door, like for example something that has a quote written on it, or some pattern stenciled onto it, you will obviously get the feel of waiting to see what is inside. On the other hand, a bland and dull door does not make you expect any surprises inside. Then again, a royal door, with double panels just takes your breath away, imparting the feeling of grandiose.


In this way, designers and furniture architects are taking up the sketch board to draw up all sorts of innovative designs for the abstract demands of modern people. Among the most innovative ideas that have appeared in the recent years, one of the most attractive looks is that of the sliding door. The sliding door is a magnificent achievement, in that it provides a sense of oneness, since the entire structure is monolithic. Moreover, there is always an element of transparency, since most sliding doors are carved out of glass. This is not to say that sliding doors are only carved out of glass, they are built out of wood too. However, the holy wedlock of glass and metal is a union that is revered by all design phobics.


The entrance to a house with a full glass sliding door just adds the glamour quotient, the “oomph” of the entire feel. However, using sliding doors are to be used not only in the case of the front doors. They can always be used in the case of bathrooms, for example. A sliding door unveiling the shower beyond and the bathtub is just the most novel way that you would like to enter your bath space. There is always the option to have the glass frosted or completely transparent. A frosted glass does retain a degree of privacy about the house. However, the complete transparent look of a glass door is unbeatable. You could always have patterns and words or something about that sort done on your sliding door.  It is your door, so you can do about anything you want with it. Shoot up the glam quotient with an all new sliding door. After all, your world is limited only by your imagination.

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