5 – Tips for Designing Your Dream Home Yoga Retreat

Dream Home Yoga Retreat

Whether you turn to yoga for relaxation, focus, or as part of an overall lifestyle, getting to the gym for a yoga class can sometimes be difficult. And the last thing you want to do is show up for yoga completely stressed out because you are running ten minutes late. Instead, create a home sanctuary for your yoga practice. Here are some easy-to-follow steps that will help you create your very own centering space, with ideas for virtually any budget.

1. Decide on a Location

Decide on a LocationYou can carve out a corner of your living or bedroom, finish an unused attic or basement room, or even purchase a SteelMaster USA outdoor building to create the perfect yoga studio. What works best for you will depend on how much space you need, how often you practice, and your ability to remain undisturbed while you seek inner quiet.

2. Declutter the Space

Declutter the SpaceNow that you have found just the right spot for perfecting your yoga form, it’s time to clean house. A clean, uncluttered space will be more relaxing and allow better focus. Go through the items already there and remove what you can. If you really think you might regret tossing something, see if you can rehome it to another location. For new construction spaces, make sure there are no stray nails, screws, or tools laying around before you start the decorating process.

3. Go Natural

Paint-the-walls-muted-shadesChoose natural materials whenever possible. Bamboo and cork flooring lends a nice, supportive feel to floors, but any hard surface will do. Paint the walls muted shades of grey or warm white to help them fade into the background. Adding a mirror, if space allows, can be helpful in making sure you are maintaining proper form. Bring in some of the outdoors and freshen the air with low maintenance house plants like spider plants or bamboo.

4. Select Your Gear

Select Your GearPick out your absolute must-haves for the studio. This will almost certainly include a mat or maybe two if you prefer varying thicknesses. If you regularly use yoga balls or other tools, gather them together too. Consider keeping fresh towels and a natural-fiber blanket in the space to make your workout more comfortable. Since you went ahead and pared your room down to its bare minimum, now you can add in some complementary accessories. An essential oil diffuser can add a relaxing touch to the room. Look for one that uses natural materials, or stick with a simple reed diffuser in a really small space.

5. Put It All Together

diffuserOnce you have everything together into your space, it’s time to find creative ways to store it all while keeping your gear neat, organized, and easy to access. Baskets stay with the natural theme of the space and are a great way to corral larger items like mats, blankets, and balls. If you have wall space, wooden or glass floating shelves are a nice touch, and make great places to store smaller items like a diffuser and your music. Now, go ahead, dim the lights and unroll your mat, you are ready to try out your new home yoga space.

There you have it-a straightforward and simple strategy to help up the zen and create a sanctuary to practice yoga and mindfulness right in your own home. So, whether you call your new space a studio, sanctuary, or retreat, incorporating these thoughtful touches can make it a place where you can relax, unwind, and find balance.

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