6 Front yard landscaping ideas for your home

Landscaping is one of the less thought over but an essential element of housing. Even though the urban living limits the space that we can devout to gardening and other related activities, it becomes even more important that we green our surroundings in an otherwise bare and sterile urban surrounding.

Aesthetics and liveliness around the house are the other related factors. Here let us look at a few of the landscaping ideas that will enliven your private surroundings and energize them.

Bracing the walls with veins

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You can brace the outer walls of the house on all the sides with exotic vines that will beautifully cover up their bareness. Alternatively, a thick layer of these vines routed over the porch or archway on the exterior of the house adds an element of liveliness and sophistication to the house. Beautiful flowers like morning glory, jasmine, Virginia creeper, climbing roses and ivy are good examples of vine flowers that you can decorate your walls with.

Dress up the driveway

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Lining the driveway with flowers on one or both the sides is a good way of enhancing its sidelines. Hedge along the path and then grow multicolor flowers on the beds that run along the driveway. Go for low growing flowering plants. The flowers should serve the purpose of landscaping and at the same time not obstruct the view along the driveway. Alternatively, you can plant an array of trees on both the sides of the driveway to lend a forested look to it.

Clean layering

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This involves keeping the foliage near to the walls of the house to minimum. Just grow hedges along the boundary of your land or else line it with trees. In this case, even the flowerbeds should be placed along the boundary. The space in between the house and the boundary can be done in exotic turf grass. This will lend privacy to you and provide enough open space before the house. This works out best for those who want to see their surroundings green but do not wish to have plants close enough to their houses.

Plant sparsely

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Digging out big and extensive flowerbeds does not mean that you have to fill them with plants all over. Sometimes minimalist planting works best. Flower plants bundled up together closely in the shape of a bouquet dotting the flower beds here and there will give a unique look to you garden. You can fill the spaces in between with colorful stones and seashells, or else leave the soil bare.

Highlight the spots with river stones

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A contrasting scheme of colorful flowers placed all along the pavements, driveway and around the flowerpots creates interesting landscaping in the gardens. The look is bare and rugged. This works well if you do not want to do too much planting around your house.

Wild gardening

Front yard of modern home during late spring

This gardening scheme involves the planting of wild flowers along with the reared ones in the garden. Too much meticulousness in arranging the plants in manicured lawns is not the thing to do here. Let the things grow wild and trim away only the excess or that seems to overgrow the rest of the vegetation.

Do leave a few spaces here and there free to allow the people to move through the garden. Do not be too much bothered with symmetry and order. Leave the natural formation in your garden like large stone or a mound in their form and try to make them central points of attraction.

These gardening ideas will definitely help you to landscape your house with beauty and in turn bring in a bit of green space in you urban lifestyle.

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