6 – Innovative ideas to make your bed like a pro

make your bed like a pro

Making a good and comfy bed is all you needed in order to get a peaceful sleep. Sometimes we end up tossing and turning on the bed the whole night and the reason could be that you made the bed wrong. A perfect sleep depends upon cleanliness and a nice and comfy bed. Learn some few and simple steps to make your bed nice and cozy which will help you have a nice and peaceful sleep.

1.     Buying cheap bed Sheets

make your bed like a pro

One of the common mistakes so many people make is buying low-quality bed sheets. Bed sheets definitely play an important part in your sleep. If the material is in good quality, it will definitely help you have a nice and comfortable sleep and if you are buying low-quality bed sheets, you can definitely feel the difference. Always remember that your health is most important and do and never make the mistake of buying cheap bed sheets. Try to have cotton bed sheets which are in good quality and comfortable. Cotton helps your skin to breathe and is less likely to get a stain. They usually absorb moisture and make you feel cooler on a hot summer day. So always go for cotton bed sheets which can make you feel comfortable all night long.

2.     How to put your fitted Sheet correctly

It’s the problem we all face in our everyday life. The bed sheets you have put never stay at its place. And it makes you feel uncomfortable and disrupts in your sleep too. So what to do to make sure that your bed sheets stay at its original place every time you bump in your bed. One of the problems is the way you putting it is wrong. The first things to keep in mind is measured your bed for right size bottom sheet and try to get the sheet which perfectly fits and suits the size of the mattress. The mattress comes in large and wide range of thickness and the pockets depth of the mattress is different depending on the size. The fitted has to be in the right pocket depth of your bed or the corners will slip easily.

3.     Making Your Bed First Thing

make your bed like a proThe first thing many people do in the morning is making the bed which is in a way is an invitation to germs and mites. Why it is so? When you get up from your bed, your skin sheds and particles remain on the bed sheets for sometimes which is the food of the dust mites. Yes, after you get up dust mites munch on your skin flakes and they need atmosphere for hydration. If you leave your bed for an hour or two, the moisture will evaporate and mites have lesser chances to survive. On the other hand, making your bed first things in the morning will promote the growth of mites and it frets you left on the bedding. So try to keep your bed messy for some time and make it afterward.  

4.     Wash pillowcases and bed sheets every week

Washing off your bed sheets and pillow cover is the most important things. Clean bed helps in having a nice and peaceful sleep. Keep all your bed sheet and pillow covers protected from dust mites. You love the pile of pillow and cushions in your bed but if you are not washing it regularly, it can trap bacteria which make you trigger sneezing, allergies, and asthma problems. Wash it off every week to avoid getting germ growth. Wash your pillows in the interval of 3 weeks, if you have not been able to do it or you have some decorative pillow, make sure to dust it down every day. Replacing your regular pillow every three years is a good option to try.   

5.     Clever ways to make a bed

make your bed like a proThere are some clever ways to learn how to make a nice and comfy bed. It’s all about practice and you will quickly be able to learn it. Some of the tips to keep in mind are:-

  • Keep on rotating your pillowcase and bottom sheets twice a week and once a week simultaneously.  As these things absorb most wear and tear and invite germs and mites.
  • You can also use pads and covers to protect your linens and avoid cleaning it again and again.

6.     Secure your sheets with prop

There are some ways to prevent sheets from slipping off. By following some tips and tricks, you will be able to prevent sheets from slipping off. They are:-

  • Use stretchy tapes to secure your sheets: – Stretchy tapes are large in size and same as rubber bands made for your mattress. Choose the perfect size for your bed and size of the band will keep the mattress in place and avoid from slipping off.

  • Suspender to hold the sheet in place: -Suspender helps to secure the corner of the mattress and helps to hold the sheet. You can use it with metal clips or plastic locking mechanism which holds the sheets with the help of a knob in all four corners.

  • Use zipper sheets to protect the sheets from babies: – If you are having babies in your home, it gets difficult to keep the things secure and its place and bed is the most common problem. Kids constantly pull the sheets, rolls, jumps and play on the bed making it messy and untidy. Zipper sheets are made for you. In the zipper sheets, the sheet is secured with zipping all over. You just have to cover the mattress with sheets and lock it off with zipping. With this, the sheets stay in place and make your work easier. The same way you can use drawing sheets for other members of the house. This will help the sheets to tighten up underneath the mattress.

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