7 Awesome tips to spruce up your outdoor décor

Many homeowners tend to neglect the backyard when decorating their home. Outdoor décor is as important as indoor décor as it can potentially transform an otherwise unused space into anything from a lounge or dining area to an entertainment zone for parties and other social events. If you are thinking of sprucing up your outdoor décor, here are some great tips to help you get started on the project.

Start with a Hammock


A hammock is a must have in any backyard. It is also one of the simplest and easiest ways to update the area. Choose one that comes in a variety of colors to add more pop to the surrounding area. However, be sure to hang it in a place that has at least some shade so that you can rest in it during the hot summer days without getting sun burnt.

Then come the Umbrellas


Of course if you plan to host a number of outdoor parties and cookouts in the summer season, you will need to have a dedicated dining space for that in the backyard. And an outdoor dining area warrants shade in the form of a giant umbrella which you can simply prop up to create an instant upgraded look to the deck. Here again, go for bright colors and patterns for a livelier look.

Bring in Color with Plants

colorful containers

Plants are the easiest ways to add color to an outdoor area. Choose to plant a variety of flowering plants, ensuring that they are planted in bright, colorful containers to brighten up the space. A wide variety of plants will resemble a lush tropical landscape. Throw in a flamingo and you will have your very own tropical garden to relax in during the summer.

Set up a Fence

Set up a Fence

Setting up a fence can offer a sense of privacy along with providing clear boundaries for the different areas of the outdoor deck/backyard. For instance, you can set up a fence near the garden to separate it from the rest of the deck. Rather than opting for the plain old brown colored fence, consider painting it in bright hues to match the plants.

Create a Hanging/Floating Garden


This is a really nifty way to spruce up outdoor décor without spending too much for it. A hanging or floating garden will also look great in a small backyard, leaving you with plenty of ground space to add other décor items like furniture. While you can hang flower pots at strategic places in the backyard, a simpler way is to set up a floating garden on the fence. This way, you end up having a garden and covering up the fence in a cost effective manner.

Don’t forget the lighting

outdoor deck

Lighting plays an important part in defining your outdoor deck by night. Don’t opt for bright lights as they can be too overwhelming. Opt for softer lights placed at strategic places in the backyard to light up the whole area by night. Get creative with solar landscape lights and even lanterns that can act as playful additions to the outdoor area. Stringing a line of lights across the fence or around lamps can also serve the purpose of lighting up the outdoor deck, albeit in a more creative manner.

Set up a Fireplace

fireplace in an open space

Setting up a fireplace in an open space can give your outdoor deck that much needed warmth and comfort. Rather than building a fireplace from scratch, consider investing in a fire pit or fire pot that can be stored away when not needed.

There are tons of ways in which you can transform your outdoor deck into a more livable, people friendly area. These simple tips and tricks will offer you an outdoor deck that will turn out to be great for entertaining family and friends all week long.

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