7 DIY fabric softeners to make your clothes soft and downy


Everyone likes his or her clothes to be soft to the touch, even after machine wash. You too, undoubtedly would like you clothes to be super soft, after you have washed them in your machine. Even after using loads of store bought fabric conditioner, your sheets are still not as soft as you’d want them to be. So try out these fantastic DIY fabric softeners, which will definitely give the results you want:

6 DIY fabric softeners

Mint and rosemary fabric softener

DIY fabric softeners

This fabric softener can be whipped up in just a few minutes. In fact, you can make this DIY fabric softeners faster than getting your car out and going to the store to buy one. Mint and rosemary are perfect ingredients as softeners as they do not have a strong scent, but a mild and pleasing one. The subtle scent is lovely and soothing.

Ingredients: water – 6 cups, white vinegar (lemon juice, apple cider, small bottle of mint oil and rosemary) – 3 cups, or mint and rosemary conditioners, or mint/rosemary conditioner

Method: Mix some amount of mint and rosemary by boiling the ingredients in 4 cups water. You have to strain this mixture completely or else you might get stains on the clothes. If you’re using hair conditioner, then add 2 cups of conditioner to white vinegar and mix. If you’re using essential oils, then also you have to mix them with vinegar. While mixing, you have to be careful not to shake it, as it will foam.

How to use:  To use this DIY fabric softeners is very easy. You need only 2 tablespoons per wash, and use it as you would use any fabric conditioner.

Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer balls are one of the simplest ways to soften your laundry. You can add some scent to them with your favorite essential oil. Make as many colorful, sweet smelling woolen dryer balls as you want, but do check that the color does not run. To prevent this, either use white woolen balls, or if you want to use the colored ones, then run them through your washer separately. This will tell you whether the color will run or not. This DIY fabric softener with essential oils is a super cool softener you can easily DIY at home.

Baking soda softener


The DIY fabric softeners like baking soda fabric softener are incredibly convenient and easy. This fabric softener is all the best for those who suffer from sensitive skin, as it helps to balance the ph levels in the laundry.

Ingredients: Baking soda, water

Method: Baking soda fabric softener idea is the best we’ve come across -just add 250 ml (1 cup) baking soda to (500 ml) or 2 cups of hot water and you’re done!

Fabric conditioner made from essential oil and vinegar

If you’re a little finicky about the fragrance emanating from your clothes, then this DIY fabric softeners made using essential oil and vinegar is perfect for you. You’ll have the choice to have your clothes smell the way you want them to. Another reason why you should DIY fabric softener with essential oils is that it costs very little.

Ingredients: White and distilled Vinegar – 1 gallon, essential oil – 25-30 drops

Method: Stir the drops of essential oils into a container of vinegar (white, distilled) till they combine well. It should be noted that vinegar is what is required, and essential oils’ function is only to add scent. Vinegar softens your clothes by removing the hard residue on them, which makes them stiff. It also has properties which breaks down minerals usually found in hard water.

Usage: Use it as you would use any normal fabric softener.

White vinegar fabric conditioner

White-vinegar-fabric-conditionerThe DIY fabric softener with vinegar needs only vinegar as you must have guessed! If you’re not fussy about scented clothes, then white and distilled vinegar is all you need. Vinegar is something, which most of us have at home, and apart from food and other uses around your home, it can be used to soften your clothes.

Dryers sheets you can use reuse

The DIY fabric softeners like these dryer sheets can be used again and again. The most remarkable thing about dryer sheets, is that they can be used at 30-40 times. These dryer sheets are perfect if you have small kids, and are doing more laundry.

Ingredients: ½ cup white and distilled vinegar and/or essential oil, resealable container

Method: Cut out square shaped (or any shape you want) pieces from old dish towels or rags or other old fabric. Put 1/2 cup of vinegar into a mason jar or any other sealable container. Add 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil or any other essential oil. Immerse the cloth pieces into the sealed container with vinegar.

Usage: Use this toxic free DIY fabric softeners by wringing out the excess vinegar from the cloth. Throw them into the dryer along with your other clothes. Take out the dryer sheets after drying your clothes, and put them back in the vinegar container.

These homemade fabric softeners are the best solutions (literally!) for your clothes. Most of them are made using non-toxic ingredients, which will not harm your clothes or your family in any way.

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